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updated:  the voyage is complete.  you can stream the show from this link.  CLICK HERE


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LINK TO LISTEN: Live Radio Show: A LIFE IN MUSIC with Peter Katis: WPKN 89.5FM and WPKN.ORG

PKmix02Updated: this program has already aired, but you can listen to the full show at this link

We are very excited to announce that this coming Saturday April 18th WPKN FM will air the first live episode of: PRESERVATION SOUND: A LIFE IN MUSIC, a series of conversations and listening parties with notable individuals who have enjoyed long careers in the recording industry. Our April 18th episode features producer Peter Katis. Best known for his work with rock groups like Interpol and The National, Katis will discuss the changing landscape of pop and rock music over the past 30 years, reflecting on changes in technology, aesthetics, and the industry. But most importantly, we’ll be listening to a ton of great music from Katis’s career of over 100 albums.

LINK TO LISTEN: “I Swore I’d Never Go Back” : Live Radio Show March 22 2015: The Nineties

IMG_2516We put together an EMERGENCY SHOW for an overnight  on WPKN 89.5 FM.

My special guest is noted 90’s fanzine creator Emily Muffinbones and we will be bringing you THREE HOURS of nineties indie, lo-fi, and ‘complaint rock’ as my pops used to call it.  All from the original 33RPM LPs and 45s.

this program has now aired, but you can listen at this link,,click here,,,

Click the link below for the complete setlist.

Continue reading LINK TO LISTEN: “I Swore I’d Never Go Back” : Live Radio Show March 22 2015: The Nineties

Streaming Now: Wed 2.18.15 Live Radio Show: ENO + CALE

Eno_Cale_1990Update: this program has now aired, but you can stream it at this link.  Enjoy!  c .

This Wednesday the 18th we’ll be doing a special live radio broadcast on WPKN 89.5 FM in the New York Metro area from 8PM- 11PM.  I’ll be on-air with my good friend JBW.  We’ve put together a three-hour retrospective of the careers of Brian Eno and John Cale.

calenoblogThese two legendary performers and producers have shaped so much of the better part of pop and rock music for the past half-century (fkkn nuts, right?) and we will share with you a (by no means exhaustive) survey of their work in parallel.

nico-cale-enoThere are so many interesting connections between these two, and common to it all is the basic premise of injecting an avant-garde sensibility into mainstream music and life.  As per usual on Preservation Sound Radio, we will be broadcasting from the original vinyl LPs, with very few limited exceptions.  Tune in on yr radio dial or stream the show live from anywhere on the planet at WPKN.ORG.

(above: with Nico)

2nd live radio show this wk: D E E P 8 0 s : 11.20.14 : 2A-6A EST 89.5 FM

Deep80sHow y’all doin on this frosty morn.   Soooo,,,  I’m on the air again tonight/early manana.



WPKN 89.5 FM (Metro NYC area)

And live worldwide at

For this middle of the fkkn night edition of Preservation Sound Radio, my special guest will be legendary raconteur and record hoarder Dave Schneider.  D/S has selected the theme ‘D E E P   8 0 s’ and it’s all comin to you off the original wax.   It will be ‘rad’ etc.

Live Radio Show * 11.18.14 * WPKN 89.5 FM * LINK TO LISTEN

WPKN_111814Update: this show has now aired, but it remains available to stream via this link.  Enjoy! C.

How y’all doing on this fine+chilly day.  Wanted to L Y K that we will have another live installment of Preservation Sound Radio today at 4PM -7PM  EST (that’s New York time, folks) on WPKN 89.5 FM. You can get the signal anywhere in the metro NYC area, and it will be streaming online at WPKN.ORG.

My guest today will be Ian S., proprietor of the fine record shoppe Records The Good Kind in Vernon CT.  For today’s show, Ian has selected the theme ’60’s Pop Psych,’ and we will be spinning the entire three -hr set from vinyl.  No surprise there I suppose.  Ian is twenty+years into the record business and will no doubt have some real gems for us.  Tune in,,,

Live Radio Show Late Late Tonight/Early Manana 10.26.14 – 89.5 FM CT/NYC

PSradioHow y’all doing,,,  This is  ‘news’ for my readers in Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia; and all you late-nite folk in the Americas.  I’ll be doing an overnight show on WPKN FM 89.5 in Bridgeport CT the the wee hours of Sunday morning 2A – 5A 10.26.14.   That’s otherwise known as really late Saturday night.

Perhaps you work the late shift.

Perhaps there’s been an evening of poor decisions.

Or maybe it’s a normal sunny mid-day in New Zealand.  Anyhow.  Let us help you.  My good ole buddy JBW and I have dug deep thru our LP stacks to find 3 hours worth of the best bittersweet late 60s and early 70s rock obscurities you’ve never heard.  We’ll be playing nothing but vinyl all night and talking in some kinda coded crate-digger sprache .  Catch us on the air if yr within 60 or so miles of Bridgeport, or online anywhere in the world at   Just go to and click the ‘Listen Now’ button.