The Publison DHM 89 B2: Highly advanced signal processor/sampler c. 1978

Publison_DHM_B2Download the original 2pp product sheet for the Publison model DHM 89 B2:


Publison is a French manufacturer which made at least two generations of this highly advanced early digital signal processor/sampler.  Later offerings progressed to proto-DAW systems.   There seems to be a fair amount of information online regarding the later Infernal Machine Model 90, but very little on this early piece.  Best part:

Publison_Keyboard…by 1982 you could also get a companion keyboard that offered the promise of ‘Taming’ any sound, IE., conventionally-pitched sample playback.  While I was well aware of super-pricing contemporary offerings by the like of New England Digital that offered similar performance possibilities, this lil keyboard took me by surprise.  Anyone using one of these things?  Drop a line…

Super Rad Headphones Circa 1980

Kenwood_KH71 KKoss_ESP6_ESP9 Sansui_SS35Download the original catalogs for the Kenwood KH-71, KH-51, KH-31; the Sansui SS-35; the Pioneer SEQ-4 quad headphone; the Superex Pro-B VI; and the entire Koss line, including the ESP-9, ESP-6, K 2+2, Pro 4AA, KO-747, KO-727B, K-6LC, K-6, SP-3XC.

DOWNLOAD: Headphones

I have not owned any of these other than the Superex (which were fkkn terrible), but damn these things had style…  which is interesting when one considers that this was all pre-walkman, IE., these were not fashion items; no one other than yr S.O. would have seen you wearing them.  Any opinions, L U K…

Pioneer_SEQ404 Superex_Pro_B_VI Koss_Quadraphones_K2plus2

The Conbrio ADS 200, Most Ambitious Synth Ever Made

Conbrio_ADS_200Wanna talk about rare?  How about a keyboard synth of which only two were ever made, and only one has survived; the price was $30K (in today’s bread: $85,000).  The only person to buy it?  Beck‘s old man.  The guy who currently owns it?  This dude.    I ended up with two copies of the original sales lit for this thing; I offer to you all here as a HQ scan:


You can read the story of the Conbrio ADS 200 at this Wiki page.  I really don’t need two copies of the catalog, so Kehew, if yr reading this… drop me a line and its yrs.

Holy Moly

500lbsI think I may need a bigger scanner

How y’all doin.  I’m happy to announce that we have just received a massive archive of literature, catalogs, manuals, ETC., from a storied studio/post-facility originating circa 1980.  I don’t even know exactly what’s in these boxes yet, but get ready for some odd + interesting curious from audio-land-past.  More to come…

Live DJ Set Tonight 5.22.13: Unspun @ Firehouse 12 : New Haven CT

DeadRecordHey y’all… once again i will be at Firehouse 12 in New Haven CT, sweatin to the oldies with my good old buddy Jay AKA Sway. Both my sets tonight: all rare psych and freakbeat.

Firehouse 12 – 45 Crown St – New Haven CT – 9P -1A 5.22.13

Things have been a lil hectic here in ole BPT town lately, hence the paucity of new PS dot com material…  do not fear tho, we have some REALLY exciting new developments coming down the pike for ya… details real soon…

CBS Volumax and Audimax circa 1964

CBS_Audimax_1963 CBS_Volumax_1964 CBS_Limiters_1965CT!  CBS labs, Stamford, 1963 – 1965.   These CBS units still seem like the ugly ducklings of the vintage limiter market.  I have had 3 of the later solid-state audimax 4440’s in the basement for the past 3 years.  They work fine.  No one wants em!  Eventually these will be re-discovered by some hotshot mixer dude and prices will rise.  The 4440 is so goddamn complicated inside, its like a fkkn analog computer.  Anyone using the Audimax and/or Volumax lately?  Drop us a line and let us know…