Fostex “Pro Sound Reinforcement Components” Guide/Catalog 1981

Fostex_Sound_bros_1981Got a pretty odd one for y’all today… download the 1981 Fostex “Professional Sound Reinforcement Components” catalog/guide:

DOWNLOAD: Fostex_SR_1981

Featuring: Fostex speaker systems GS3001, GS3003, SV22, SV30, BS1502, G700, SP104F, SP102, SP109, SP89, SP109F, SP109, SP104, SP82S, SP84S, and many more enclosures.  I can’t recall ever having seen ANY of these; were they even sold in the US?

Fostex_Studio_Monitors_1981 Fostex_Disco_1981 Fostex_columns_monitors_1981

Technics SB-10 “Honeycomb Disc” speaker system c. 1980

Technics_SB10Download the original 4pp catalog for the Technics SB-10 “R&B Series” Honeycomb Disc Speaker System:

DOWNLOAD: Technics_SB-10_spkrs

We’ve featured a ton of late-70’s Technics materials here at PS dot com, but I think this is the first of their period speakers we’ve described…  and wow these things are unusual.  The woofer and midrange use rigid flat diaphragms, and the tweeter is a “Leaf” design; check the download for deets on that.  Anyone ever listen to these?  Thoughts?

Honeycomb_woofer Technics_SB10_inside Technics_SB10_cUp

UPDATED: Fostex “Laboratory Series” Pro Audio Monitors c.1980

Fostex_LabDownload the 4-page catalog for the Fostex “Laboratory Series” studio monitors of 1980:

DOWNLOAD: Fostex_Lab_1980

Featuring the Fostex LS/2, LS/3, and the massive LS/4: 458lbs each, with response down to 19hz.  Good lord. BTW  I have come across several period FOSTEX speaker pieces; expect more in the next few days…

Fostex_Laboratory_Monitors_1980 Fostex_Lab_line*************



Update 12.10.13:

Michael Gillespie, designer of the Fostex Laboratory Series, got in touch with PS dot com regarding these speakers.  Here’s what he had to say:

“I designed these speakers in the late seventies. This was the inaugural Fostex product to launch in North America, setting the stage for huge success. At the time we did this, Fostex had 18 employees in Japan; today they have 67,000 worldwide.”

Click here for a better copy of the main brochure.


“Above are images of the “V” series; these were the same systems re-tuned for free-standing (full-space 4π) operation as opposed to the main brochure which shows soffit-mounted (half-space 2π) models.”

Fostex Team“Above is the the original development team, reunited in 2012: (L-R) Ted Telesky, Michael Gillespie, Bob Oliver.

Gillespie-LS4“And above is an – LS/4 is one of my personal pair  – which I have owned for almost 35 years.”

Fostex LS3 Advert

Speaker Week(s) Begins with Jordan Watts

Jordan_Watts_GT_Jodrell_JupiterHow y’all doing.  Sitting here on the (what feels like) first day of fall, listening to a pile of weirdo 70’s UK punk LPs: The 999, Steve Harley, The Stranglers, and The Doctors Of Madness.  What better match than some musty old paper describing some oddball British speakers of the era: Jordan Watts.  This is the first of what will be many uploads of late-70s speaker ephemera, both HiFi and pro-audio.  I have 100s of pieces of this stuff to go thru, and finally a free minute to do it.  So get ready… and remember to check if Orange County Speakers has re-edge kits available for any foam-edged 35 year-old-speaker yr thinking of buying.   Anyhow, download a complete late-1970s JORDAN WATTS hi-fi speaker catalog:

DOWNLOAD: Jordan_Watts_spkrs

On offer: the Jordan Watts models Juno, Juliet, Jumbo, GT, Jodrell, Jupiter, TLS, Jericho, Centurion, Qubique, and Flagon.Jordan_Watts_juno_juliet_Jumbo_JanetThe Jordan-Watts speakers used a very unusual 4″ metal-coned driver unit that came in its own integral mini-enclosure.  Even stranger tho are their Arabesque and Romanesque “Qubiqe” and “Flagon” models: