Olmsted BRDCSTR preamp used heavily on latest Sigur Ros album Kveikur

RackAbove: the BRDCSTR in Somers’ outboard rack, left side, third from bottom

ART_coverThanks to reader EL for reporting that Sigur Ros’ engineer Alex Somers made mention of his Olmsted ‘BRDCSTR’ preamp in the Sept 2013 issue of AudioTechnology magazine.  The context was a thorough piece written by Paul Tingen on the making of Sigur Ros seventh studio LP “Kveikur.”  According to Somers,             “When recording (Sigur Ros Vocalist) Jonsi, I used a Neumann U47… we mostly used a really cool preamp made by Preservation Sound.”

See below for the full text.

Alex_SomersBelow is the actual BRDCSTR that Somers used.