Argentine Hi-Fi DIY Circa 1958

Argentine_Williamnson_1958Many years ago I published this article abt digging for ancient audio ephemera in Buenos Aires.   Reader N. Dinapoli Farina uncovered some related materials and has shared them with us here. I believe that the magazine may have been called “Radio Chassis Television” and the scans below are all from the late 1950s.  Click on the images for hi-res.   Enjoy!

Williamson_Schem_1958Williamson_PS_1958Above: Williamson style amp and power supply.

AltaFidelidad_15wattAmp_1957Fifteen-watt “Alta Fidelidad” amplifier.

Preamp_1958Full-featured mono preamp

MicMixerSuper basic hi-z mic mixer


Home with Recording Studio For Sale (1964)

LP_sale_1“Only 25 minutes from New York City!”  Download a HQ scan of the original 2-page real-estate flier (‘JD Levin & Associates’) advertising the ~1964 sale of the home of Les Paul and Mary Ford:


LesPaulStudio_2I pick up so many lots of ephemera from ancient studios and old-time producers and engineers that I have no idea where this came from, but it somehow ended up in the pile.  My assumption is that someone picked it up at an AES show back in the mid sixties.  It’s professionally printed on cardstock and AFAIK this item has never been interneted?  Is that even a word?  Anyhow, check it out, it’s pretty awesome.  I am guessing 1964 as the sale date because the flier mentions 1962 as a renovation date and LP+MF were kaput by the end of ’64.  HOME STUDIO.  PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT.  Wow.