New Mic Preamp “The Sienna”

IMG_3138Shown above is a pair of Preservation Sound “Sienna” model preamps.  These are the first designs to wear the ‘Preservation Sound’ name.  This is an all-tube design based on the circa 1950 RCA BA2C but with all-mod-cons and 20db more available gain.  It has a true class-A output stage like early broadcast gear.  Three-band fixed 100/1k/10k EQ, fully reciprocal, with defeat switch and flat center response.  Build features include mil-spec tubes, Jensen and Lundahl audio transformers, Solen caps, completely point-to-point wired on linen turret boards with silver wire in the audio path.  Completely enclosed design with internal subchassis for shortest possible wiring paths.  This is a completely unique design that offers a huge range of sonic possibilities.  Defeatable output pad allows user to achieve the ‘overdriven console’ sound of early rock and RnB recordings.  Basic specs below: