OUT RUN, New doc film abt LGBT Politics in The Philippines, debuts 4/8

FirefoxScreenSnapz001In the later part of 2015, Nathan Halpern and I wrote and recorded the original score to a new documentary film called OUT RUN.  OUT RUN premieres next Friday April 8 at the Full Frame Doc festival in Durham North Carolina.  Directed by Emmy-nominated filmmakers S. Leo Chiang and  Johnny Symons, OUT RUN tells the story of the Ladlad political party.  In the words of the Full Frame curators,

“Ladlad is the only LGBT political party in the world, and their charismatic transgender leader Bemz Benedito is running for Filipino Congress alongside two other LGBT candidates. Eighty percent of the legislature in the Philippines is elected by geographically defined voter districts; the other 20 percent consists of candidates from issue-oriented parties who campaign nationwide to represent marginalized minorities like farmers, women, and workers. The Philippines is a primarily Catholic country with a complicated relationship to LGBT issues. While Catholicism considers being gay a sin, many villages have drag beauty pageants, and beauty parlors are social hubs for a highly visible LGBT population who are tolerated as long as they don’t cross certain societal boundaries. Ladlad, taking their name from the slang word for “to come out,” tests campaign strategies: Do they defy the conservatives in power by expressing their authentic selves, or do they suppress their flamboyance to win over the most voters?”

FirefoxScreenSnapz002The story is modern and dramatic, the backdrop of Manilla and its surrounding regions is colorful and dynamic, and we tried to reflect these qualities in the percussion-and-guitar based score that we created.  For anyone interested in election politics or LGBT issues, the film is a must-see.

T A B L E S debut LP/digital album AVAILABLE NOW + LIVE DATE

tables_Mar25_Shot_posterThis is my new group.

This is my new album.

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Tables2016If you have been enjoying this site -my general take on sound and music – you will dig this album.  It’s a synth record.  It’s a strange record.  But it’s strange and beautiful, and it comes from a very unique process + a very unique place.  Please check it out, and consider ordering a copy.  Vinyl is limited to 250 units and will sell out fast.

If you are in the CT/NYC area, we will be having a record-release show Friday March 25 at the Bijou Theatre in Bridgeport CT.  It will be a unique performance.