January 1946: The Broadcast Engineer as a Field of Endeavor

Download an 8-page scan from RADIO NEWS, January 1946, on the subject of ‘the modern broadcast engineer’:

DOWNLOAD: Radio_News_Jan_1946_From_Studio_To_Master_Control

It is January 1946.  The war is over.  Millions of young men and women in the United States are seeking peacetime employment.  Massive global R+D efforts undertaken during the war have made available incredible amounts of new technologies, surplus materials, and personnel trained in communications work.  I’m not exactly sure what the point of this article is, but it seems to be a call-to-action for young ppl to enter the field of broadcast engineering work, or at least define it as a career option.  DL and check it out.  Below: some highlights.


Columbia Records, Bridgeport CT 1922: ephemera items

According to Wikipedia, Columbia Records’ manufacturing operations were based in Bridgeport CT starting sometime between 1912 and 1923 and continuing until 1964.  I’ve been in Bridgeport for the better part of the past 13 years, constantly digging for audio-archival relics, and this small lot is the first batch of 1920s Columbia materials that I have ever come across.  Columbia material holds extra interest for me as I spent roughly a decade working for Sony Music (modern parent of Columbia Records) at their Manhattan Headquarters.

The Bridgeport Columbia plant still stands, now condos; little other reminders are present of this important part of Bridgeport’s industrial history.

If you, or a family member, worked at the Bridgeport Columbia plant, please drop us a line.  Chris@PreservationSound.com




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“Microphones And Their Placement” from ‘The Aerovox Research Worker’ 1958

download a 6pp article on “Microphones And Their Placement” as published by the Aerovox Capacitor Corporation, 1958:
DOWNLOAD: Microphones and their placement
Written by Arthur Davis, Phillip Erhorn, and their team at Aerovox, the article offers an interesting historical perspective on microphone technique in the 1950s.

(image source)

If you’ve spent much time creeping around inside old electronic equipment, you have undoubtedly seen numerous examples of the capacitor shown above.  I really don’t have a super-strong sense of ‘how good’ Aerovox caps were as compared to their contemporaries, IE., how often they tend to need replacement, ETC,, but IIRC they tend to be more reliable than most 50’s foil caps.

“The Aerovox Research Worker” was a sort of ‘branded content’ marketing item that the company published from at least 1949 through 1958.  I recently picked up a large pile of these publications, and most focus on RF and TV applications.  This was the only one I could find that was audio-focused.  Enjoy. CR

WPKN 89.5FM Preservation Sound Radio Show 101217 ::: Tracklist

Hey yall,,, here’s the tracklist for the 10.11.17 show.  This one is a bit eclectic cos the theme was “new acquisitions” IE new old junk so it’s a bit more varied than most shows.  also one nu thing hiding in there…  all vinyl as usual

You can stream the show at this link until October 26 2017.

  1. Odetta “Hit Or Miss”
  2. Flamin Groovies “She’s Falling Apart”
  3. Minnie Ripperton “Le Fleur”
  4. Anthem “Florida”
  5. Dr John “Familiar Reality”
  6. Funkadelic “I Got a Thing….” BREAK
  7.  Baby Huey “Runnin”
  8. Automatic Man “one and one”
  9. Lizzie Mercier Descloux “long voodoo ago”
  10. Siouxsie and the banshees “hong kong garden”
  11. Finacon “toto di tochetek”
  12. Colin Newman “Fish #5” BREAK
  13. Yello “Night Flanger”
  14. Gang of Four “To hell with poverty”
  15. Funkadelic “standing on the verge of getting it on”
  16. Arthur Verocai “Caboclo”
  17. Justen O Brien and Jake “Alone BREAK
  18. Michael Angelo “flight of pegasus”
  19. Lost and Found “There would be no doubt”
  20. Ariel Pink and Natalie Merring “Tears on Fire”
  21. Plain Jane “Not the same”
  22. Illinois speed press “Free Ride” BREAK
  23. Earth Opera “home to you”
  24. David Ackles “Down River”
  25. Coulson, Dean, McGuiness, Flint “The Death of Emmet Till”
  26. Francoise Hardy “Hallucigene”
  27. Dominique Guiot “The Two Fish”
  28. Louise Huebner “Orgies”
  29. Magical Power Mako “Sound, Mother Earth”
  30. Brian Eno “Shadow” BREAK
  31. Norma Tangea “You’re Dead”
  32. Sir Lord Baltimore “the man from manhattan”
  33. Plan 9 “Frustration” BREAK
  34. Truk “Sun Castle Magic”