Pilot Radio Corp Hi-Fi Line Circa 1962

Download the entire twenty-page 1962 PILOT hi-fi catalog:

DOWNLOAD: Pilot_HiFi_Line_1962_Catalog

Models covered include: Pilot 610, 602MA, 602SA, 654MA, and 746 receivers; Pilot Mark III, 280B, 285, and 780 FM tuners; Pilot 230, 240, 246, and 248B stereo integrated amplifiers; Pilot 200, 120, and 100 FM Stereo Multiplexers; Pilot-Garrard RC-3, RC-5, and RC-4 turntables; and Pilot PSV-2, PSV-3A, and PSV-4 speaker systems.

When you think of //Long Island City/Audio History//, what comes to mind, if anything?  Likely Fairchild and Marantz.   Pilot made neither pro-audio nor true high-end hi-fi, but as the graphic above reveals, they had quite a deep and storied history.   I have only one PILOT piece in my audio-pile (never say c%!!&ction) – an early stereo extension speaker – but I would bet that some of these pieces are pretty decent.

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  1. would like to find information on pilot radio super hetrodyne model 40154 made by pilot radio and tube corporation lawerence mass.u.s.a. if any info is avalable i am most appreciative marv

  2. I have a console with pilot gear in it . Pilot tuner /pre-amp..and a pilot amp with kt66 out put /williamson design with 2 6sn7 . Benjamin Miracord Auto record changer , and it originally came with a goodmans speaker .I replaced it with a university triaxial speaker 15 in . It rocks and sounds better then any hi end system I have heard . Legend has it that this system won 1st prize in the 1954 hi fi convention in 1954 . My friends dad built it . I restored the cabinet finish-danish modern of course///burgundy color.

  3. hi,
    just starting to look at the pilot, i just found a 230 model. someone has done a lot of blob soldering joints and the caps are done for. i think i would like to give this little piece a new start, but shure could use a schematic. by looking i dont really trust earlier work.

    1. Redo all the solder joints and use RMA flux and clean aggressively. Change all the lytics pro forma. Google for schematic.

  4. just found a pilot radio corp model # 1078 great condition havent plugged it in , whats it worth ? who wants it its in phoenix

    1. Hi,
      I also recently found a 1078 in good working order except it has a nasty 60 cycle hum, I believe. Any suggestion on how to ground that hum? And Yes, It is worth fixing Mike. I think it can about $1,000 or more at auction. I would say ebay it, but the shipping charges would be astronomical.

  5. I found a c 1076 radio with matching speaker, is it worth refurbishing? How much would it be worth after I had the cabinets done and in working order?

  6. I’m looking for a Pilot 240 output transformer. Any chance you have something you can part out or sell something I can use for parts?

    Please let me know.

    Doug Ford
    Sanford, FL

  7. I have a pilot stereo / turntable console, its quite big trying to find out what model this is and have no clue.

  8. In the most respectful way I am writing to tell you this: I have problems with a Pilot 246 amp, I need a copy of the service manual.
    Thank you in advance for your kindness.

  9. I have a high fidelity 75 watt amp from pilot I was wanting to know more about this specific piece. Feel free to email me if you have any information. It’s in working condition.

  10. I’ve got a Pilot Multiplexer 100 (a multiplex adaptor) that works well with my H.H. Scott 330-D AM/FM tuner with a MPX output.

    Sadly, I had to completely retube the Pilot multiplex adaptor, and could not keep her original tubes in it. It kept popping in and out of stereo.

    I used JJ ECC802S, a JJ ECC801S, and a NOS Sylvania 6X4. After the new tubes were installed, It was a breeze to align with with my trusty Heathkit FM Stereo Generator IG-37.

    JJ tubes really work awesome!!

    The thing has operated perfect for the last five years.

  11. I have a pilot model SA-260 I don’t know what year it is but it has a tube that apparently was tested on 9/4/1963. Looks like all the componets are there but it has no cover. I’m wondering about it’s value. Can anyone help me with this? You can email me at robin@gothedistanceinc.com Thanks

      1. I am looking for Sherwood (S-4400 pre-amp mono + amp), Because I had an amplifier 476 mono to use with S-4400.

  12. Please post any PILOT tube gear schematics and/or Links. Currently need a schematic for a Pilot 230 integrated amp with ECL86/6GW8 output tubes.

      1. hi,
        did you get any replies?
        i have been looking fot schematic for a while on this…
        still looking if you do me an e… i (if i find)
        i will share with you.
        i dont get on here much so if you e… i will keep the address

  13. When my grandfather passed last year, I got a Pilot branded stereo system from him. Made in 70s or early 80s, it sports a cassette deck, AM/FM tuner, turn table w/autoshutoff, and 8-track (I don’t think that can be repaired, the playing head has fallen off the track changer.) Its stored in my closet and I cannot get it right now, so I don’t know the model number. And it has a very interesting problem — you touch the headphones and/or mic jacks, you get shocked — its not a little wimpy DC shock either. I would like to know more about this before I go and take it apart… Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Noah , I have the same unit that I bought new years ago. A Pilot branded stereo system with a turn table w/auto shutoff, AM/FM tuner, 8-track and a cassette deck (player/recorder).
      The turn table works great but could use a needle. The other units work but needs cleaned and aligned.
      I am moving and would like to sell it!

      1. Hi, I just bought the same system you have at a garage sale. Tuner works great but having an issue with the timer, nothing else will play while time/timer is flashing. Do you know how to disable it?

  14. I recently scored a mint condition pilot 240 integrated amplifier on craig’s list. When I saw it I couldn’t believe how nice it was. The thing is like a time capsule. With the exception of slight wear on the knobs the thing doesn’t even have a scratch on it. It has all original el84’s and the 12ax7’s are telefunkens. I have it connected to a pair of jbl 2420 16ohm compression drivers with diy horns and it sounds crystal clear. This thing loves high efficiency speakers!

  15. buenos dias señores pilot
    tengo una radio pilot
    modelo 4033
    serie 15453
    año de fabricacion s/d
    importado por casahenry w. peabody & cia. arg. ltda
    necesito el manual de reparacion y lamparas nuevas ustedes me pueden decir donde puedo recurrir
    soy de laprovincia del chubut republica argentina
    desde ya y espero que les llegue mi solicitud , es que aprovecho a saludarlos a ustedes muy atte

  16. I have a Pilot 245A which was a nice untill I upgraded to a new tube amp. I also have a Pilot R-1000 receiver, which was probably produced during the tube/transistor transition era. It has a tube pre-amp and tube tuner sections but solid state power amplifiers. Not much information about it out there, but could be a nice preamp if only it had pre-outs.

  17. I just added a Pilot 602M to my collection … this unit is the best sounding receiver ever ! And that indicator tube for the tuning -great!.. that FM section is great … Pilot’s FM tech seems to out shine products today .. set it and forget it -nice clean and quiet FM stereo.

  18. I have Pilot branded stereo system that I bought new in the early 70’s. It has a turn table w/auto shutoff, AM/FM tuner, 8-track and a cassette deck (player/recorder).
    The turn table works great but could use a needle. The other units work but needs cleaned and aligned.
    I am moving and would like to sell it!
    Anyone interested?? jamesdean1932@outlook.com

  19. Im looking for a schematic for a 610 fm receiver, recently picked one up, but the 10watt resistor is blown, at least i think its a 10watt one, but dont know the value, any help would be appreciated

  20. I recently recovered a model 6b505 w/multiplex console. Works great, after it warms up of course. Problem is the turntable won’t turn when the table is on. Turns great the table is off. Any suggestion?

  21. I got a pilot 1078. All original except the receiver. It has a early 80’s pioneer receiver in it. No amp. Original speakers, turntable, all parts for the turntable. It’s in pretty good shape. How much do y’all think it’s worth.

  22. I love Pilot gear…but in my zest to try many things from many brands that I cannot afford to overlap, I sold and bought a lot.

    Through the last 12 years I have had:

    3 different SA-232 (EL-84)
    2 different SA-260 (7591, tube rectification)
    1 SA-264 (7591, SS rectification)
    2 pairs of Pilot AA-901’s…(6L6, tube rectification)
    3 different SP-210 preamps (2 with their own custom made power supply)
    1 Totally rebuilt FA-590 preamp/tuner..
    1 Totally Rebuilt SP-216
    2 totally rebuilt 248B Integrated amps. (7591)
    1 totally rebuilt tuner that goes with the 248B…(both had original matching wooden cases).
    2 Pilot 602′ rebuilt (EL-84)
    2 Pilot 654 Receivers (best) in custom cases. (7591)
    2 SM-245A Integrated (EL-84)
    2 SM-240 Integrated (EL-84)
    2 SM-246 Integrated (7591)

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