Astatic Microphones 1964

Download the complete eight-page 1964 ASTATIC microphone and phono cartridge catalog:

DOWNLOAD: Astatic_1964_catalog

Models covered, with text, specs, and photos, include:  hundreds of phonograph cartridges and needles; Astatic microphones model 332, 22, 225H, 335L, 77, 77-L, 788 ‘Metro’, 888 ‘Tempo,’ 988 ‘Vogue,’ Astatic 331,DN-50, UG8-DN50, JT-30, D-104, 513H, 511, 531, 150, 151, 10M5A, L-1, T-3, and 551 microphones.

Astatic was mostly known for communications mics, aka., voice frequency mics, aka, mics that were intended to accentuate the 300hz-3000hz frequency band.

See this previous post for earlier ASTATIC mic coverage.


Above, the ASTATIC 788, 888, and 988 studio mics, aka the “Metro,” Tempo,” and “Vogue.”  The 988 was the top-of-the-line and boasted impressive specs.  I have never come across one of these.  Anyone?

Above, the various ‘heads’ that were available to mount on the ASTATIC ‘squeeze-to-talk’ base unit.  See here for details

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