The Scully 601 Vinyl Mastering Lathe circa 1960

Above: beautiful line-drawn rendition of a Scully 601 lathe.  Made right here in blighted Bridgeport CT.  Ahh Bridgeport what happened?  I think I might take a drive over to “62 walter st” today and see what’s there now… 

5 thoughts on “The Scully 601 Vinyl Mastering Lathe circa 1960”

  1. Based on the (203) area code mentioned in that ad, I’d say this was more around 1962-63, when area codes were first mentioned in print (though the system itself dated as far back as 1951). I’d rate the Model 601 lathe as among my favorites – this would have had the following dimensions:
    – Lead-in grooves: 7.625, 14.729167 and 32.3125 lpi
    (also used for “spread” grooves to go from one track to another; last two also used for “catch” grooves after the lead-out but before entering the concentric locked groove)
    – Lead-out grooves: 4.17 and 2.14 lpi

    1. Yes, this ad would have to date at least before 1963-64, since there’s no ZIP code listed for the address, but rather a postal zone listed (“Bridgeport 8, Connecticut”, 8 being the zone), postal zones being ZIP code’s predecessor (at least for large cities) until USPS introduced ZIPs in 1963.

      Beautiful artwork for this ad, though :).

  2. Another thing about the company: As of 1950 (when their first automatic pitch/depth control lathe was first introduced), the corporate name was Scully Machine Co. – I can’t say at what point they became SRIC.

  3. A 1975 classified ad in one of the engineers’ trade magazines – from United Western Studios in Hollywood, no less – mentioned a Scully 503 lathe and noted that that model lathe likewise had variable pitch/depth controls. Probably the one introduced in 1950, with features later carried over to the 601?

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