My girl is cool. She digs the old records.

A mere 10 years after Bridgeport-based Columbia Records introduced the LP record, we see evidence that record collecting was already a well-entrenched hobby/sport/folly.  At left is the cover of “Record Research” Vol . 2, No, 6, Issue 18, dated July 1958.  Of course, those folks (and maybe some of you are still kickin…) were more probably more interested in collecting 78s and Wax Cylinders such as our comely friend above is holding.  Stay tuned for an upcoming piece on Columbia’s history in Bridgeport… and for now, check out these bits of Columbia-collecting circa 1958.



One thought on “My girl is cool. She digs the old records.”

  1. That girl is probably on the high side of eighty now.

    Do you ever look at some of the great old album covers with foxy broads and wonder, “Who were they and where are they now?”

    The epitome of those album covers was PROBABLY “Get More Bounce with Curtis Counce”. But there were dozens, maybe hundreds.

    Some of the models went on to have careers or notoriety of their own, in the manner of the Ivory Snow ads with Marilyn Chambers. Nancy Ling Perry, killed in the SLA shootouts of Patty Hearst fame, was on a ‘Sounds Like’ album cover-remember those, sold by Woolworth’s and W.T. Grants? Debbie Harry, recently purportedly mistaken for Lindsay Lohan by papparazzi, was on the cover of a-ironically-Harry James big band compilation album. And, though not an album cover, there’s an early seventies sex manual in which one of the models really, really resembles Chrissie Hynde. (Yes, she has a forehead.)

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