Magnecord-Specified Album Circa 1955

If you’ve been following this website for some time, you’ll know that I’ve written a lot about the Magnecord Company and its products, especially the iconic PT6 (of which I own, and still use, two restored examples).  On PS dot com you can find many things Magnecord, from original catalogs to factory photos, company correspondence, issues of the corporate magazine, bios and stories from the original designer, and all the way up to contemporary recordings I’ve made with the machines.  NEways… reader RM sent us this interesting curiosity: a VOX-label organ recording of Bach’s Fugue In D-Minor which was apparently specially mastered to allow for ideal playback characteristics on Magnecord decks.  No idea if this indeed offered some special advantage in terms of fidelity or if it simply a marketing ploy?  Were these commercially sold as albums or were they a value-added bit when the machines were purchased?  Anyone?

Thanks R.M. !

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