Fill In The Blanks









Use the comments section to weigh in.  ‘Correct Answers’ circa 1961 to follow next week.

3 thoughts on “Fill In The Blanks”

  1. The recording engineer is vitally concerned with 5 things:

    1. Musical Range
    2. Rhythm
    3. Variety
    4. Dynamics
    5. Spectral Control

    Ahh – the good old days!

    1. Ian you win the prize! How on earth did you remember that old catalog? I’ll get it posted for the rest of y’all shortly – c.

      1. Hi Chris,
        I used to pour over that Langevin catalog when I was at USC Cinema in the ’70’s. I had scored a number of 116A and 117A amplifiers, and was thinking about putting together an old scool console. Never finished that project, but I did actually make some tee shirts using the same graphic.

        Finally- I confess that I didn’t actually remember the 5 things. But I do still have the catalog! A few of the amps too.


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