AKG Performance Microphones – full 1978 catalog

AKG_1978_Catalog_CoverDownload a 21pp 1978 AKG Microphone catalog; seems to be a performer-oriented publication featuring only their dynamic and electret models of the era:

DOWNLOAD PART 1:AKG_Mics_1978_part1

DOWNLOAD PART 2: AKG_Mics_1978_Part_2

Models covered, with text, specs, and photos, include: AKG C-500 series with C-510E, C-501E, C-502E, and C-505E variants; D-12, D-109, D-120E, D-130, D-140E, D-160E, D-170E, D-190E, D-1000E, D-2000E, D-190SPL, and D-200E mics.

AKG_Dynamics_1 AKG_Dyanmics_2_1978 AKG_D1000_D2000 AKG_D-200E1 AKG_C500_series_1978For our scan of a 1981 AKG full-line catalog, click here…

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  1. The AKG D170E was the radio broadcast mic used by 50kw clear channel WABC 770am in NYC during the 1960s and 1970s by DJs Dan Ingram, Bruce Morrow and others on that legendary top 40 music station.

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