EMT 140 TS Plate : King Of The Mechanical Reverbs

EMT_140_TS_1971Got a pretty good one for y’all today… download the complete 8pp 1971 brochure for the EMT 140 TS reverb system:

DOWNLOAD: EMT_140_ts_1971

I was recently given a large collection of 1970s EMT documentation, so get ready for detailed info on pretty much every EMT reverberation product ever made.

I met a studio owner recently,  it was a very nice place, some excellent gear and instruments, mentioned that he was in the market for a plate; he felt that a good plate reverb is a piece of kit that can actually be a significant factor in a producer or engineer choosing one facility over another for a project.    Those of you who regularly hire facilities for projects: agree?  As a studio owner, I’ve personally been planning on skipping the plate and going directly to building a chamber, but who fkkn knows when/if this will happen.  Plate would sure be nice… here’s what EMT had to say about the 140 back in ’71:


EMT_140_frontEMT_140_TS EMT_140_block_diagram*************



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