The AMR “System 1” 4-track cassette recorder of 1986

AMR_four_Track_1986Goddamn!  Would you look at that thing!  Peavey built and sold a small number of these US-made uber-4-tracks in the late 80s.  They were referred to alternately as the MCR-4 or the System 1.  I have personally never seen one, but I love that tape-machine-overbridge layout…  makes me wanna buy a Tascam 234 and a little rack-mount 80s mixer and cart it up like that…  I know I poke fun at Peavey quite a bit, but my hat is off to them for this thing.  To build something like this in the US in the 1980s must have taken incredible effort.  To learn more, check out this thread at Tape Op.


19 thoughts on “The AMR “System 1” 4-track cassette recorder of 1986”

  1. Holy crap. Peavey? Really? Yeah, they’re totally fun to make fun of and laugh about, but they have made some really great stuff over the years. Our board endured more abuse than should’ve been possible. And the basses they made in the ’70s are still great.

  2. As a Canadian, I must say lotsa respect is due to Peavey. All the Peavey gear I’ve owned since the late 70s still works. Their ‘product support’ dept. is always helpful. I have ‘smoked’ quite a few Marshall-Mesa-Fender dudes on the jam stage with my old Peavey Duel 212 guitar amp. Cheers.

  3. I remember these. They would have been out in 1988 or 1989. I remember it was the first four track I ever saw or heard of.

    I was buying a Roland TR-505 drum machine and the salesperson asked me if I had a 4 track. I didn’t know what that was, so he showed me one of these. The one I saw I remember being white (my memory could be wrong) but the store (Luca Music in Providence, RI) was huge and a Peavey dealer.

    I ended up buying a Fostex X-26 used in ’90 or ’91 and that was $350. People don’t realize how good they have things these days.

  4. I have one of these if anyone is intersted in buying it. It’s in great condition, just not using it anymore. Downsizing.

  5. I was given an AMR 64 mixer by a dear friend. I use it with my 4trck reel to reel. I love this board! I always have been amazed by its functionality and I am still learning it’s capabilities. Having seen this article, I now realize how advanced this board really is, even by today’s standards. Mix down and overdubbing are still things I’m trying to wrap my brain around, but I’ve got a good machine to teach me. I found the user manual online. I’ve never seen the cassette that accompanies this board, so this article does “tickle me”.

  6. My late husband was a career Navy musician and he ususally acquired the best sound toys of the times. Now downsizing and want to sell his (c. 1986) AMR 42 4-channel mixer and AMR MCR4 synch. cassette recorder. Can’t find comparables. Could anyone help with values? Anyone interested in the pair?

  7. I had one I bought new around 1986 from a music store in Spartanburg, SC.
    Loved it !!! traded it some years later for a marshall 100 wt. half stack and a Marshall Major head !! Miss that deck. I still have recording mix down tracks from then. It was COOL !!!!! 🙂

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