25 thoughts on “Here’s another killer 4-track: The Audio-Technica RMX64”

  1. Funny you should ask! I just picked one up today for $5! Yes $5 from my local rubbish dump re-cycle centre! It was a bit tatty and dirty and the mains lead had been cut off – not a good sign – but I checked out the fuse in the back and it was not blown. So I gave it a shot. For $5 I thought I got a part-out bargin but I put a new mains lead on it just for the hell of it and bingo it powered up! Further more every bit of it works! even the tape mechanism – I recorded with a mike and guitar and the sound was great! I used to have a Tascam cassette 4 track back in the day (before graduating to a Tascam A38) but this is a far superior machine. I will now give it a complete overhaul/cleanup and use it in my music room for recording rough demos.

  2. I just got ahold of one of these old gems and it is in perfect condition . One light bulb is out on one of the meters and that’s it !! I am looking for a buyer . If anyone is interested , please shoot me an e mail . This is old school recording at its finest !!

  3. I have one I need to sell by month end when I move. It’s super heavy. Albany NY area. $100 plus the cost to package ship and insure. No idea what that would be.

  4. If anyone has one for parts I need one plastic fader piece and the cassette door. Let me know! I brought one back from the dead and currently have a second for parts. Both came without the cassette door!


  5. I have one of these available for sale in pristine condition (with the original manuals!) in the L.A. area if anyone is looking for one. I’m the third owner, and the other two basically kept it in the closet for 30 years, only taking it out to run drums through it for that analog mixer sound (the preamps on this baby are
    by Neotek and sound great!) All the channels/lights and stuff work, and I had the tape mechanism restored and everything else looked over by a a guy in Burbank who specializes in fixing vintage audio equipment. Text me at 310.261.0870 for details and price.

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