24 thoughts on “Here’s another killer 4-track: The Audio-Technica RMX64”

  1. Funny you should ask! I just picked one up today for $5! Yes $5 from my local rubbish dump re-cycle centre! It was a bit tatty and dirty and the mains lead had been cut off – not a good sign – but I checked out the fuse in the back and it was not blown. So I gave it a shot. For $5 I thought I got a part-out bargin but I put a new mains lead on it just for the hell of it and bingo it powered up! Further more every bit of it works! even the tape mechanism – I recorded with a mike and guitar and the sound was great! I used to have a Tascam cassette 4 track back in the day (before graduating to a Tascam A38) but this is a far superior machine. I will now give it a complete overhaul/cleanup and use it in my music room for recording rough demos.

  2. I just got ahold of one of these old gems and it is in perfect condition . One light bulb is out on one of the meters and that’s it !! I am looking for a buyer . If anyone is interested , please shoot me an e mail . This is old school recording at its finest !!

  3. I have one I need to sell by month end when I move. It’s super heavy. Albany NY area. $100 plus the cost to package ship and insure. No idea what that would be.

  4. If anyone has one for parts I need one plastic fader piece and the cassette door. Let me know! I brought one back from the dead and currently have a second for parts. Both came without the cassette door!


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