1978: Pete Townshend ‘Boogies’

PeteTownshend_Boogie_1978Goddamnit I hate that word.  ‘Boogie.’  Yuck.  Instantly brings to mind brain-dead root-fifth/root-sixth endless nonsense non-songs.   Really sounds like s$%t.   And you do know that boogie-riff inventor chuck berry was later famous for… NSFW)  Eii Yii Yii.   I wonder if Mesa Engineering would sell more units if they dropped that word.  Cause they sure ain’t bad amps.   But boogie!  No thank you! Never!

5 thoughts on “1978: Pete Townshend ‘Boogies’”

  1. It’s just a word hoss, calm down! I’ve got a mark IIb and love it. The clean channel is amazing, esp with some Philips 7581’s. Actually I’ve never been a fan of the word Boogie either…but I certainly didn’t need to read Berry’s rookie files! Again! :0

  2. How bout ‘Baron.’ That’s what they called a hi-fi amp they sold in the 90s. Beautiful amp, and a bargain, too. $3500, IIRC. I think it was Mesa’s only venture into that market.

    1. If I remember it was exactly the same amp as their bass power head with RCA connectors and a different faceplate. That would make sense actually.

      I think whereas most Boogies used Schumacher transformers these used a Mercury Magnetics design, perhaps the famous VTO-100 that was a clone of a Radford part.

  3. I hate the name too. And Mesa Boogie sounds like a bunch of native Americans, high on peyote, playing really bad R&B, on top of a mesa, somewhere in the southwest, probably transported there by space aliens with bad tastes in music. And sponsored by Budweiser.

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