A Simple One-Tube Compressor Circuit c.1953

1954_DIY_limiterReader Bill W recently sent us a few interesting ancient DIY audio projects that we had not seen before.  Today’s post is from RADIO-ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING and was written by one Ed C. Miller.

DOWNLOAD THE COMPLETE ARTICLE:Constant Output Broadcast Amplifier

The article details the operation and construction of the above-illustrated broadcast-remote mixer/amp, which includes a limiter.  While the overall unit is probably not something you’d want to ‘F’ with, the limiter component could be added to a DIY tube mic preamp (perhaps with a true-bypass switch).  One caveat: as the article warns, there are apparently ‘thumping’ artifacts inherent to this circuit, which was acceptable in its intended operation since it was designed for voice-frequency.

1954_limiter_SchemAnyhow, might be a fun project for a rainy day – build a pair of these into box with cheap 1:1 input transformers and simple line output stages?  Crush some room mics?  Anyone?

4 thoughts on “A Simple One-Tube Compressor Circuit c.1953”

    1. Hi. It’s possible, but it would be ill advised. I would recommend putting at least one voltage-gain stage ahead of it, and an interstate volume control as well. c.

  1. So, what makes this different than a simple single stage tube amp? Is it the configuration of the capacitors that cause the compression?

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