Vestax MR44 recording #2 – now with DBX

IMG_6429I just couldn’t keep offa the damn thing.  Here’s another similar compostion made on the Vestax MR44 – only diff is that I used the DBX this time.  I also played a whole lotta really hi-endy stuff (sleigh bells, tibetan bowls, tambo, shaker) on the 2nd set of passes in order to see how the DBX handles the high end.   I’m impressed with the sound!  Def some tape hiss there, and some weird low-freq bump going on, but it sounds presentable. This piece is 7 tracks – i played the wha gtr into the bounce of the nylon gtr/bass/low percs so that’s 4 into one plus the next 3 (hi percs, Hohner Pianet, and Recorder are first-gen). Oh yea and the reverb this time is that cheapy lil boss pedal rather than the Eventide.  Again, this is all live, played into and mixed exclusively on the MR44.

3 thoughts on “Vestax MR44 recording #2 – now with DBX”

  1. By god! Those two pieces recorded on the Vestax are AMAZING. I’m actually a newbie here, on your blog, but this is just incredible. I’d definitely listen to a whole album of this. Really well thought out and panned. Can’t think of anything more to praise but trust me, there’s a lot. You actually made me look for 4-track recorders to buy, there’s clearly something in this workflow that induces such creative composing. Working with vintage equipment myself, recently I used transistor organ on a heavy metal album i produced. The reviewer said it was the best track on the album, just for the organ parts 😉 I WAS SO PROUD 😀

  2. Yeah! Great stuff. I want to know more about how you replaced the power adapter for it. I had the chance to pick one of these up but didn’t because it didn’t have the adapter and I knew I’d never find one for it. Could you possibly write a blog post about that? If so I’ll buy it and follow yr instructions. I loved the phone ringing towards the end of the track haha. Happened to me a couple times too and I just left it in. That’s what a real pro does!

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