WPKN 89.5FM Preservation Sound Radio Show 101217 ::: Tracklist

Hey yall,,, here’s the tracklist for the 10.11.17 show.  This one is a bit eclectic cos the theme was “new acquisitions” IE new old junk so it’s a bit more varied than most shows.  also one nu thing hiding in there…  all vinyl as usual

You can stream the show at this link until October 26 2017.

  1. Odetta “Hit Or Miss”
  2. Flamin Groovies “She’s Falling Apart”
  3. Minnie Ripperton “Le Fleur”
  4. Anthem “Florida”
  5. Dr John “Familiar Reality”
  6. Funkadelic “I Got a Thing….” BREAK
  7.  Baby Huey “Runnin”
  8. Automatic Man “one and one”
  9. Lizzie Mercier Descloux “long voodoo ago”
  10. Siouxsie and the banshees “hong kong garden”
  11. Finacon “toto di tochetek”
  12. Colin Newman “Fish #5” BREAK
  13. Yello “Night Flanger”
  14. Gang of Four “To hell with poverty”
  15. Funkadelic “standing on the verge of getting it on”
  16. Arthur Verocai “Caboclo”
  17. Justen O Brien and Jake “Alone BREAK
  18. Michael Angelo “flight of pegasus”
  19. Lost and Found “There would be no doubt”
  20. Ariel Pink and Natalie Merring “Tears on Fire”
  21. Plain Jane “Not the same”
  22. Illinois speed press “Free Ride” BREAK
  23. Earth Opera “home to you”
  24. David Ackles “Down River”
  25. Coulson, Dean, McGuiness, Flint “The Death of Emmet Till”
  26. Francoise Hardy “Hallucigene”
  27. Dominique Guiot “The Two Fish”
  28. Louise Huebner “Orgies”
  29. Magical Power Mako “Sound, Mother Earth”
  30. Brian Eno “Shadow” BREAK
  31. Norma Tangea “You’re Dead”
  32. Sir Lord Baltimore “the man from manhattan”
  33. Plan 9 “Frustration” BREAK
  34. Truk “Sun Castle Magic”

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