Gotham Pro Audio : Complete 1981/1982 Catalog

Download the complete 1981/1982 Gotham Audio catalog:

DL:  Gotham_Audio_1981

Products covered, with text, photos, and limited specs, include: Neumann U89, KMR 82, USM 69 microphones; VMS 80 Disk Mastering System; SP 79C Disk Cutting Program Control Consolel MT 80 Preview/Playback Tape Machine; SAL 74B Cutter Drive Logic; and SX 74 Dynamic Feedback Stereo Cutterhead;  EMT 251, 240, 245 reverb units and 162TS solid-state reverb amp for the 140; EMT 422 ad 424 flutter analyzer, Neumann RUMS 77 Rumble Meter; BASF PW 384 splicing cassette.

Above: the Lyrec TIM 4B tape timer for Scully and Ampex multitrack tape recorders.  A couple of years ago we purchased a beautiful Scully 284 8-track 1″ machine for Gold Coast Recorders; the sound was superb but ultimately we decided to install more modern (IE., 1980’s-era) tape machines for a variety of reasons – a principle concern was that the Scully has no timing facility whatsoever.  The thought of spending time searching blindly cueing the tape for punch-in points and overdubs was a bit disorienting to me, and I imagine it would be frustrating to performers as well.  I can’t imagine that there are too many of these Lyrec units out there in the wild but if you do own a Scully or Ampex, this would be a good get…

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