Preservation Sound Radio Wed Dec 13th 2017: Playlist: show archived now until Jan 13 2018

Hey yall here’s the playlist for the show that aired last night,,, it’s pretty all-over-the-place but many offbeat gems in here….

click here to listen until Jan 13 2018

1. fumio nunoya “Arthur Hakage….”

2. Mickie D’s Unicorn “In the times of the unicorn”

3. Gabriel Bondage “No Winners”

4. Comus “to keep from crying”

5. Jim Sullivan “Rosey”


6. Vangelis “let it happen”

7. Tully “sea of joy”

8. Yamashita/Winwood/shrieve “(middle of side B of ‘GO’)

9. Eddie Harris “really”

10. Grin “like rain”

11. stevie nicks “think about it”

12. terrence trent d’arby “wishing well”


13. Automatic Man “pearl”

14. Douglas Bartlett “backseat full of love”

15. sniff n the tears “without love”

16. hot head slater “happened to me”

17. vangelis “come on”

18. the rationals “handbags and gladrags”


19. space “magic fly”

20. jan hammer “don’t you know”

21. snail “music is my mistress”

22. phil manzanera “frontera”

23. under new management “forget your hexagram”


24. black sabbath “changes”

25. PJ harvey “desperate kingdom of love”

26. gram parsons “$1000 wedding”

27. Doug Sahm “it’s gonna be easy”


28. Leroy huton “getting it on”

29. JR walker “these eyes”

30. baby huey “california dreaming” into “running”

32. Crown Heights Affair “sex trip”

33. Ike and Tina “too hot to hold”

34. francoise hardy “tic toc” (announce)

35. Elis Regina “(s/t LP 1, side 1, track 2)”

36. Najah Salam (title unknown)

37. Dur Dur Band “Dooyo”

38. Tony Mason “to judy”

39. Perry Leopold (side 1 track 1 of “experiment in metaphysics:)


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