Gold Coast Recorders Now Offering Old -School Analog Multitrack Recording

When M/T and I started recording music together in the mid 90s, we used a Tascam 1/2″ analog 8-track machine.  We still have that machine, although it was sidelined sometime in the very early 2000s when ProTools became affordable.  18 years and 1000000 unnecessary drum edits later we are 100% sure that the time is right to fully embrace the awesome sound and liberating minimalism of the 8-track analog format again. To that end, we have ‘upgraded’ from the TSR-8 to both a Tascam 48 and a Tascam 58: serious, pro versions of the classic 1/2″ 15ips format responsible for so much of the great underground and indie music of the 70s and 80s.

The combination of this tape format, but in our enormous, fully equipped modern studio with every possible mic, instrument, and audio gadget is simply an unbeatable combination if you are looking for true grit and soul.  We’ve recently completed our fifth project on this format and the results are simply awesome.  Drop us a line if you are interested in learning more. Oh, and btw, we still have 256 tracks of Pro Tools HD3 and we’re happy to use that too,,,

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  1. Old School analog recording? Supa Kool. Yep, We went thro’ many versions of Pro-Tools, Cubase, Sonar, etc. Relentless updates/upgrades that constantly drain your cash-flow. I recently dug up our old Fostex E-16 (Dolby C), and the matching Tascam MSR-16 (dbx-type1). Hooked them to the Trident and Amek-TAC consoles. Instant ‘old-vibe’. Lots of fun in the studio. Real ENGIN-EARING as opposed to ENGIN-EYERING. Our current digital recorders range from Alesis HD-24hr, to Fostex D-2424lv, Mackie SDR-2496 (well-kept secret, built by Soundscape in Belgium, before SSL, acquired Soundscape), and finally, IZ-Radar 24. Modern digital recording with old school techniques. Great joy-inducing work-flow to all involved. Thanks so much for your post. Cheers.

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