Harrison Recording/ Mixing Consoles Circa 1980 : complete catalog scan



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one of us might be a clone

Download the complete 21 page Harrison Systems, INC catalog of audio mixing desks circa 1980:

DOWNLOAD: Harrison_Consoles_circa_1980

This document contains images and text describing the following units: Harrison 32C and Series 24 recording / mixing consoles and Harrison “Autoset” automation.  The product photography and GDSN of this publication are second to none.  Unlike virtually every large-format console-manufacturer of the 1970s, Harrison is still in business; I saw their recent 950MX mixer at AES a few years ago and it looks killer.  Anyone using an older, or newer, Harrison, for their day-to-day?  Let u know in the comments.

One thought on “Harrison Recording/ Mixing Consoles Circa 1980 : complete catalog scan”

  1. Chris, Harrison also makes a killer “virtual console” DAW software, Harrison Mixbus. They also have a software version of the 32C.

    — Tom Fine
    Happy user of Mixbus inside-the-box console software.

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