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Paradigm shifts

We Shape Our Tools, And Thereafter, Our Tools Shape Us

Helping you come to terms with the possibility of imminent demiseĀ 

The Origins of Audio Recording Social Practice

War Letters

The Relaxacizor. Or, Looking for tubes in all the wrong places.

Early Electronic-Music Technology (pre-Moog era)

Spring Reverb Defines a Mythic Space Where The Legends of Rock Live

The Dawn of Recording (and home recording)

Technological Expectations

Exclusive Bonus Content

Mobile Personal Space

Prepare the Piano!

The Limits of Control

The Incredible Past Lives of Our Favorite Tools

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  1. hi…

    any info on the akg k140 headphone? i dug mine out of the basement and would like to rejuvenate it.

    the foam on the inside is gone. the plastic cushion that touches the ear is cracked in the back.

    i would like to replace the cushions. do you know how i can remove them? (pull them off, turn them counterclockwise?)

    any help appreciated. thanks.


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