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Gray Research, Hartford CT: 103-LP tonearm and 602 equalizer circa 1950

download the 4pp circa 1950 Gray Research sales flier for the model 103-LP Transcription Arm and the model 602 disc equalizer:

DOWNLOAD: GrayResearch_103_602

Gray was located in Hartford, CT, just a stone’s throw from here, from roughly 1950 through 1970.  feel free to correct me if you personally know otherwise.  I have come across very little original Gray literature and equipment in my 13 years here.

There seems to be very little information on the internet about this company, other than this nice archive.

If you or a family member worked at Gray, please drop us a line.

DIY Tube Broadcast Console c. 1964

Console_DiaFrom BROADCAST ENGINEERING Mag, circa 1964, plans by one Robert Tiffany on the design and construction of a low-cost ‘standby’ broadcast console.  Output amp stage uses my fav line output transformer, the UTC A-25: still unequaled among air-gapped plate:line transformers for low-frequency response.  BTW, add a 600:60K mic input transformer to the front of this thing and you’ve got a pretty nice mic preamp with a LOT of gain.

DOWNLOAD: Console_0001 Console_Amp_Schem

Coming this month at PS Dot com: broadcast engineering highlights of the mid 60s

BE_1063_CvrHow are y’all doing…  I recently picked up a large pile of the old ‘Broadcast Engineering’ mags from the mid 60’s.  Although much of the content focuses on video engineering (not quite ready to go there yet…), I found a good amount of audio-related content that is still potentially relevant today.  I’ll be uploading bits and bobs throughout March.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned…. oh and here’s a sample of that yr in for…

BE_1264_Cvr BE_1164_Cvr BE_0764_Cvr BE_0763_Cv BE_0664_Cvr BE_0564_cover BE_0465_cvr BE_0364_cvr BE_0164_Cvr

Broadcast Compressors etc. Circa 1974

From Collins Radio 1974 catalog #74: A round-up of broadcast compressors from Collins and CBS.  Models covered: Collins 26U-3 limiter, 26J-3 compression amplifier, CBS 4100, 4450A. and 4110, 4000A limiters; CBS 4500 dynamic presence equalizer; and CBS 710 ‘automatic loudness controller,’ which I imagine is some sort of LFKS-type limiter?

Also – a bonus – from the same era –  second-hand limiter/pre-amp price list from the same era.  RCA BA2Cs for $20?  Yes I will take 30 please.  How about a General Electric BA-5 for $75?

Big scans so… follow the link for the info…

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