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Super Rad Headphones Circa 1980

Kenwood_KH71 KKoss_ESP6_ESP9 Sansui_SS35Download the original catalogs for the Kenwood KH-71, KH-51, KH-31; the Sansui SS-35; the Pioneer SEQ-4 quad headphone; the Superex Pro-B VI; and the entire Koss line, including the ESP-9, ESP-6, K 2+2, Pro 4AA, KO-747, KO-727B, K-6LC, K-6, SP-3XC.

DOWNLOAD: Headphones

I have not owned any of these other than the Superex (which were fkkn terrible), but damn these things had style…  which is interesting when one considers that this was all pre-walkman, IE., these were not fashion items; no one other than yr S.O. would have seen you wearing them.  Any opinions, L U K…

Pioneer_SEQ404 Superex_Pro_B_VI Koss_Quadraphones_K2plus2

Pioneer: Complete 1977 Catalog

Pretty good one for y’all today.  Click below to download the complete 32-panel 1977 PIONEER STEREO COMPONENTS Catalog No. 13:

DOWNLOAD: Pioneer_1977_Catalog

Units covered, with specs and photographs, include: Pioneer SX-1250, SX-1050, SX-950, SX-850, SX-750, SX-650, SX-550, & SX-450 AM/FM Stereo Receivers; SPEC-1 and SPEC-2 preamp and power amp; Pioneer SA-9900, SA-9500II, SA-8500II, SA-7500II, SA-6500II, AND SA-5500II Stereo Integrated amps; Pioneer TX-9500II, TX-8500II, TX-6500II, AND TX-5500II AM/FM Stereo tuners; Pioneer SR-202W Reverberation Amp, SG-9500 graphic equalizer, RG-1 dynamic processor (expander), and SF-850 crossover; Pioneer PL-570, PL-560, PL-530, PL-510A, PL-117D, PL-115D, AND PL-112D Turntables; Pioneer QX-949-A Quad receiver and PC-Q1 quad phono cartridge; Pioneer CT-F9191, CT-F8282, CT-F7171, CT-F6262, CT-F2121, CT-5151, and CT-414A Cassette decks; Pioneer MA-62 Mixer and CM-1, CM-2S microphones; Pioneer RT-2022, RT-2044, RT-1050, RT-1020L, and RT-1011L reel-to-reel tape machines; Pioneer HPM-200, HPM-100, HPM-60, HPM-40, CS-63DX, CS-99A, CS-700G, CS-500G, CS-66G, PROJECT 100A, and Project 60A speaker systems; and finally Pioneer SE-700, SE-500, MONITOR-10, SE-4, SE-505, SE-405, SE-305, and SE-205 stereo headphones.

Nothing too exciting here, but if you have one of these units and you are curious about its specs and/or its position within the range, here’s yr chance to find out.  There is a ton of the lower end of this kit still out there; the catalog also offers many very high-end pieces that I’ve never come across.  Dig in…