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New Years 2014 Mixtape

BlackPearlUsserySuziEntwhistle_RigorHow y’all doin on this cold+dark December day…  been toiling like a farmer at the PS dot com HQ, tryin to get another mixtape out the door before the bell tolls on ’13.  I am more excited about this mixtape than I have been in a while; some really great cuts on here.  I was v v fortunate to chance upon some really outstanding collections this past season (special thanks to D.S…) and the best of the best are captured here.  As always, if you see me, ask me for a CD of the mix- as always, transcribed fresh from vinyl via my trust Benz Micro cartridge.  Hope you all have an excellent NYE, and here’s to a better+brighter one-four.

1. The Equals “Police On My Back” from the comp The Best Of The Equals, EMI/Stateside (year unknown; presumed to be 1968).

2. John Entwhistle “I Wonder” from the LP Whistle Rymes, Track/Decca/MCA 1972.

3. Lee Clayton “Carnival Balloon” from the S/T 1973 MCA LP.  (no link available)

4. Sopwith Camel “Fazon” from the LP The Miraculous Hump Returns From The Moon, Reprise 1972.

5. Danny Cox “Hey Jude” from the LP Birth Announcement, Forward/Together Records, 1969. (no link available)

6. The Electric Prunes “I Happen To Love You” from the LP Underground, Reprise 1967.

7. Suzi Quatro “Michael” from the LP Your Mama Won’t Like Me, Arista 1975.

8. John Ussery “Must Have Been The Season” from his self-titles LP, Phonogram 1973.

9. David Wiffen “Climb The Stairs” from the LP Coast To Coast Fever, Liberty 1973. (no link available)

10. Earth Opera “Time And Again” from the s/t LP, Elektra 1968.

11. Longdancer “Too Much Too Soon” from the LP If It Was So Simple, Rocket/MCA 1973.

12. John Entwhistle “My Wife” from the LP Rigor Mortis Sets In, Track/MCA 1973.

13. 999 “Bongos On The Nile” from the LP Concrete, Albion/Polygram 1981. (no link available)

14. Brownsville Station “Rumble” from the comp Non-Dairy Creamer, Warner Bros Records 1971.

15. Black Pearl “Mr. Soul Satisfaction” from the s/t LP, Atlantic 1969.

16. Rare Bird “What Do You Want To Know” from the LP As Your Mind Flies By, ABC 1970. (no link available)

17. Stealers Wheel “Right or Wrong” from the LP Right Or Wrong, A&M 1975.

18. Redeye “Collections of Yesterday And Now” from the s/t LP, Pentagram/Bravo/Viva 1971.

For track notes + more of the greatest album art of all time, click the link below to READ ON…

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Fall 2013 Mixtape

EndleIt’s Fall 2013 and things are getting weird.  It’s been a while since we’ve had a new mixtape around here, and it seems to have gone in a much darker, druggier direction this time.  Maybe it’s all the weird Criterion shit I’ve been watching on Hulu Plus.  Christ, I saw this thing last night and it kinda made sense to me.  This might not be a good thing.  As per usual, all of these cuts are from LPs I found digging through 100s of 1000s of dirty old records at the flea markets, estate sales, and thrift shops of southern CT…  mastered in pro tools via my trusty Benz Micro cartridge. Where youtube links are available, I’ve provided them below.   If you see me, ask me for a copy of the CD…

1. Endle St Cloud “Street Corner Preacher”

2. The Beacon Street Union “Mystic Mourning

3. Street “If I Needed Someone”

4. Edwin Starr “My Sweet Lord”

5. David Porter “Didn’t Know Love Was So Good”

6. Cymande “Bird”

7. Mandrill “Afrikus Retrospectus”

8. Lonnie Liston Smith “In Search Of Truth”

9. Backstreet Crawler “It’s A Long Way Down To The Top”

10. Lee Clayton “I Ride Alone”

11.  The Devil’s Anvil “Karkadon”

12. Dr John “One Night Late”

13. Smokey John Bull “The Mighty Quinn”

14. Potliquor “Beyond The River Jordan”

15. Don Nix “Until Tomorrow”

16. Lucio Battisti “Il Fuoco”

LL_Smith Lindisfarne LeeClaytonFor detailed track information and more of the best album-artwork of all time, click the link below to READ ON…

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Winter 2013 Mixtape



HardySoulStirrersAlright alright.  It is time.  Time for a new year new year month week new day new pile of records to search thru looking for that new way to combine gtr+bs+drms into some kinda pattern we nvr heard before new way to say i love u i hate u why r we here where did the time go time to make a new mixtape.  Had a few real good spells of crate digging last fall and here r the results.  All fresh recordings off of LP into pro tools via my Benz Micro Gold cartridge.  If you see me, ask me for a CD copy.  If not…  links are provided for most of the tracks.  When I finish these mixtapes, which are the results of hundreds of hours driving thousands of miles around the SW corner of this state, pawing thru hundreds of thousands of LPs at thrift stores yard sales estate sales flea markets ETC., i either feel like eh this is ok or damn this is alright.  Feeling the later re: this particular iteration.


1. Francoise Hardy “Song Of Winter” from the LP alone, Warner/Reprise 6397

2. The Rivits “Look All You Like” from the LP ‘Multiplay,’ Antilles/Island 7072, 1980.

3. Lucio Battisti “Confusione” from the LP comp Il Meglio Di Lucio Battisti Vol. 1., Dischi Numero Uno ZNLN 33002.

4. John Baldry “It Ain’t Easy” version from the LP comp Hot Platters, Warner/Reprise 1971.

5. Judy Mayhan “Dream Goin By” from the LP Moments, ATCO SD 33-319, 1970

6. Mary McCaslin “Prarie In The Sky,” title track, Philo Records 1024, 1975.

7. Bonnie Koloc “Sunday Morning Movies” from the s/t LP, Ovation Records 1429, 1973.

8.  Jeanne C. Riley “He Made A Woman Outta Me” from the LP The Generation Gap, Plantation Records PLP 11

9. Frummox “There You Go” from the LP Here to There, PROBE/ABC CPLP4511

10. Spirit “Cold Wind” from the LP Clear, CBS/ODE Z1Z 44016

11. The Pentangle “Sweet Child” from the LP Comp The Warner/Reprise 1969 Songbook, Warner 331.

12. Humble Pie “Cold Lady” from the LP comp Lost And Found, A+M SP 3513,, orig. from the LP Town and Country, 1969

13. Ellis “El Doomo” from the LP Riding On The Crest Of A Slump, Epic KE 31945, 1972.

14. Randy Newman “Last Night I Had A Dream” Non-LP solo version from the LP comp Hot Platters, Warner/Reprise 1971.

15. It’s A Beautiful Day “Galileo”/”Do You Remember The Sun” from the LP Marrying Maiden, Columbia CS 1058.

16. Sir Douglas Quintet +2 “Whole Lotta Piece of Mind” from the LP (Honkey Blues), SMASH/Mercury STS 67108

17. The Soul Stirrers “Jesus Is The One” from the LP Glory Bound Train, GME/Crumco 0102 circa 1978.

18.  Billy Preston “That’s The Way God Planned It,” title track, Apple ST-3359, 1969.

19. Bo Carter “Cigaret Blues” from the LP Comp Blues Roots Mississippi, RBF 14. Originally recorded c. 1936.



RileySirdouglasFollow the link below for track notes and more of the best album-artwork of all time.

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Fall 2012 Mixtape

It was a good summer for records.  I happened upon a few excellent collections; one of highbrow folk rock circa 68 – 75, another from a fellow who must have emptied out the jukebox of an urban CT bar circa 1975.  Nothing but soul and funk 45s, 100s of ’em.    Add a few good weeks at the flea market, including one especially notable pile that apparently contained ONLY 70’s-soul-records-that-were-sampled-in-1990s-hiphop-hits and you get FALL 2012.  Six years into doing these mixtapes, a heavy emphasis on the period 1970 – 72 remains.   If you see me, ask me for a CD copy…

1. ‘Between Today And Yesterday’ Alan Price.  From the LP “Between Today And Yesterday,” Warner Brothers 1974.

2. ‘Coming into Los Angeles’ Arlo Guthrie.  From the Warner/Reprise compilation LP “The Big Ball” 1970.

3. ‘Let It Rain’ Eric Clapton. From S/T LP, RSO 1970.

4. ‘You’ve Got To Do It All Yourself’ Jackie Lomax.  From the LP ‘Three,’ Warner Brothers 1972.

5. ‘Helpless’ Buffy Saint Marie.  From “She Used To Want To Be A Ballerina,” Vanguard 1971.

6. ‘I’ll Tell You No Lie’ Nicky James.  From the S/T LP, Threshold/London 1972.

7. ‘You Can Close Your Eyes’ Kate Taylor. From “Sister Kate,” Cotillion 1971.

8. ‘One Sure Thing’ Bonnie Koloc. From “After All This Time,” Ovation INC 1971.

9. ‘Take A Look Around’ The Temptations. Gordy/Motown 7″ Single 1971.

10. ‘The Longer We Stay Together’ Al Wilson. From “La La Peace Song,” Rocky Road/BELL 1974.

11. ‘Always Together’ Jackie DeShannon.  Imperial 7″ single 1969.

12. ‘Rock Your Baby’ George McCrae. T.K. Records 7″ Single, 1974.

13. ‘I Can’t Get Over You’ The Dramatics. ABC Records 7″ Single 1976.

14. ‘When Something Is Wrong With My Baby’ Sam & Dave.  Stax 7″ single 1967.

15. ‘A Raga Called Pat’ John Fahey.  From the LP “The Voice Of The Turtle,” Takoma 1968.

16. ‘Elegia De Che Guevera’ Quilapayun. From S/T LP, Monitor Records c. 1970.

17. ‘Darling Be Home Soon’ The Loving Spoonful.   Kama Sutra 7″ single.  From the Motion Picture “You’re a Big Boy Now” 1967.

18. ‘Diamond Meadows’ T-Rex. From S/T LP, Reprise 1971.

19. ‘Rock And Roll Love Letter’ Tim Moore.  From “Behind The Eyes,” Elektra 1975.

20. ‘Another Day Like Heaven’ The Flame.  S/T LP, Fallout Re-issue.  Originally on Brother Records 1970.

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Spring 2012

Bad Vibes is one of my favorite places to find out about new music, posting significant new tracks as well as exclusive interviews with recording artists.   The guys who run it also have really good taste in movies so if yr nextflix cue is running low, stop by there for some inspiration.  When I learned that they were interested in hosting a Preservation Sounds mixtape I was super-excited to get involved.  The concept here is similar to the previous dozen mixtapes I’ve done: everything is pulled directly from vinyl LPs I have dug up at the flea markets and estate sales of Western CT in the past 4 months; digitized in crystal clarity (+ plenty of old dust) via my trusty Benz cartridge and Apogee convertors.   The big difference tho: since this mixtape is ivegotbadvibes #0026, it is available for quick download at the Bad Vibes site: and: it’s been cut together into one seamless springtime jam.  Visit Bad Vibes to download the mixtape.

Follow the link below for detailed track notes and more of the best album art of all time…

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New Live Radio Show Available to Stream Now: WPKN 89.5 FM 12.8.11

Last Thursday I put together an impromptu 200-minute, all-vinyl drive-time set for WPKN.  No real theme for this set; just yr basic ‘it’s 1973, feeling hazy and fatalistic’ kinda mood.

Stream the show in high quality at:

Gene Clark: 1975
Country Joe And the Fish: She’s a Bird
David Crosby: what are their names
Moby Grape: I am not willing
The Dead Boys: ain’t it fun

Wizards from Kansas: high flying bird
John Entwhistle: You’re mine
Graham Nash: Better Days
Tommy James: nothing to hide

Smith: baby it’s you
Rod Stewart: Losing you
Dr John: Black Widow Spider
The Small Faces: Tin Soldier
Bob Seeger: Ramblin Gamblin Man
Tommy James; Christian of the world

Leon Russell: Stranger in a strange land
Captain Beefheart: happy love song
T Rex: the slider
Johnny Thunders: can’t put your arms around a memory
Cochise: back home

Nina Simone: to love somebody
Slade: Gudbuy T’Jane
Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose: treat her like a lady
Laura Lee: wedlock is a padlock

Patti Smith: free money
Cat Mother: The last thing that I do
Tranquility: where you are
Man: out of your head

Lake: on the run
Emmit Rhodes: ‘really wanted you’
Dwight Twilley: i’m on fire
Spooky Tooth: I am the walrus

The Kinks: Shangri La
T Rex: broken hearted blues
The Shocking Blue: california here I come
Genesis: back in N. Y.C.
Tommy Johnson: canned heat blues

Holiday 2011 Mixtape

It’s that time again…  another mixtape fresh off the deck at PS dot com.  Twenty tracks transferred off LP records I’ve dug up the past four months from the basements, garages, attics and flea markets of Southern Connecticut.  Transferred to digital via my trusty Apogee A/D convertor… by way of a seventies Sansui integrated and a Shure 91 cartridge.  I found a pair of mint Shure 91s at an estate sale recently (the house had – no exaggeration- ten to twenty thousand records piled up in it) for a few bucks…  my lord these carts sound so, so much better than the Benz Micro that I paid $240 for two years ago (I bought it on Stereophile‘s reco, and it ain’t bad…but…). Anyways.  My new cartridge recommendation.  Shure 91.  Here’s the mixtape:

1. “We’ll have a real good time” Cat Mother.   Last Chance Dance, Polydor.

2. “Happy Love Song” Captain Beefheart. Unconditionally Guaranteed, Mercury.

3. “Me About You” The Lovin’ Spoonful.  Revelation: Revolution ’69, Kama Sutra

4. “Step Away” Don Cooper. What You Feel Is How You Grow, Roulette.

5. “I’ll Be There, I Still Care” Leroy Hutson.  Love Oh Love, Curtom/Buddah.

6. “Jackie Blue” The Ozark Mountain Daredevils.  It’ll Shine When It Shines, A&M.

7. “Looking For Jesus” Clive Sarstedt.  S/T, RCA.

8. “Back In N.Y.C.” Genesis.  The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, ATCO.

9. “Black Widow Spider” Dr. John. Babylon, ATCO.

10. “Give it up or turn it loose” Dick Hyman.  The Age Of Electronicus, Command/ABC.

11. “Did You Know” Jake Holmes.  The Above Ground Sound Of Jake Holmes.  Tower/Capitol.

12. “Mary’s Garden” John Roman Jackson. S/T, OAK Records.

13. “Sittin In Circles” The Barry Goldberg Reunion. S/T, Buddah.

14. “Ode To A Tin Angel” Hearts and Flowers.  Of Horses-Kids-And Forgotten Women, Capitol.

15. “Organ Blues” Tyrannosaurus Rex. A Beard Of Stars, Blue Thumb Records.

16. “All Around Man” Bo Carter.  Blues Roots Mississippi, RBF 14.  Originally released on Bluebird Records 1931.

17. “Cat’s Squirrel” Jethro Tull. This Was, Chrysalis.

18. “Dark Is The Night” Tommy James.  My Head, My Bed & My Red Guitar, Roulette.

19. “Stallion” Kris Kristofferson.  Who’s To Bless And Who’s To Blame.  Monument.

20. “The Last Thing That I Do” Cat Mother.  Last Chance Dance, Polydor.

Follow the link below for full track details, links to listen, and more of the best album images of all time…

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Winter 2011 Mixtape

It’s time for another compilation culled from the endless crate-digging.  This season’s harvest seems to have slant towards country-rock and psych-folk.  If you see me, ask me for a copy.

1. “Ohio River, She’s So Deep And Wide” by Winifred Smith.  From ‘Folk Songs Of The South’ by Winifred Smith.  RCA Victor #61100

2. “It Ain’t Easy” by Ron Davies.  From “Friends” A&M SP 8021

3. “Broken Hearted Blues” by T-Rex.  From “Tanx” Reprise 0598

4. “Dear Mary” by The Steve Miller Band. From ‘Sailor’ /Capitol ST 2984

5. ”Jamie” by Hedge & Donna.  From ‘The New Spirit Of Capitol’ Capitol #SNP-6

6. “Hope” by Mason Proffit.  From “Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream” Ampex A-10138

7. “Reflections” by The Chambers Brothers. From ‘New Generation’ Columbia C 30032

8. “Bad Night at the Whiskey” by The Byrds.  From ‘Dr Byrds and Mr Hyde’ Columbia CS 9755

9. “Innervenus Eyes” by The Bob Seger System.  From ‘The New Spirit Of Capitol’ Capitol #SNP-6

10. “In Your Life” by Tower.  From ‘Collecting Peppermint Clouds’ Technicolor Dream Records T.D.R. 002 (Originally a Decca b-side)

11. “Baal” by Exuma.  From “Exuma II (Air)” Mercury SR 61314

12. “The Joys Of Life” by Karen Beth.  From “The Joys of Life” Decca DL 75148

13. “Atlantis” by Donovan.  From ‘Barabajagal’ Epic BN 26481

14. “Take My Home Country Roads” by Olivia Newton-John.  From ‘Heavy Hits’, Adam VIII LTD # A-8010

15. “I’m Losing You” by Dwight Twilley.  From “Sincerely” Shelter SRL-52001

16. “My Love” by Paul McCartney.  From the 7” single Apple #1861

17. “August Day” by Hall & Oates.  B-side to “I don’t want to lose you” RCA PB-11424

18. “I Go Crazy” by Paul Davis. From the 7” single Bang # B-733

19. “Only With You” by The Beach Boys. From ‘Holland’ /  Captiol MS 2118

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Mixtape: Fall 2010

I buy records.  I don’t seek out particular titles or pay more than a buck or two per LP; I go to estate sales and flea markets and dig and dig and dig for stuff that i have not heard yet (or not heard in years).  I pick up a few hundred per year.  It gets more difficult  (but also more rewarding) with each passing year to find music that i have not heard.  I generally look for rock and soul recorded between 1965 and 1975.

I like this way of experiencing new music because there is a bit of a folk-music quality to it.  As in: whether I like it or not, I am limited to listening to music that other people in my community were listening to some time ago.  It’s all music that shaped the hearts and minds of people who drove these same streets, lived in these same houses, played in the bars of my town many years ago.  Anyhow, of the 800 LPs that i buy each year, 60 will have a track that I like.

Those 60 end up on these seasonal compilations.  Tracks gets transferred from LP through a Proton  preamp and into Protools for trimmin.’   I use a Benz MC20E2 cartridge, which I highly recommend if yr in the market for a new cartridge.

Here’s the list for this season.  Link through for the details…

Cochise “Home Again”

Alive and Kicking “Tighter, Tighter”

Fairport Convention “Meet on the ledge”

Mark-Almond “Speak Easy It’s a Whisky Scene”

Dave Mason “We just disagree”

Mel and Tim “Starting all over again”

Jay and the Americans “Since I don’t have you”

Marvin Gaye “Troubleman”

Bobby Whitlock “Song for Paula”

Flaming Ember “Westbound #9”

Sandy Denny “It’ll Take A Long Time”

Macondo “Never thought I’d See You Go”

David Lannan “Morning”

Otis Clay “A House Ain’t a Home”

Steve Marcus “Tomorrow Never Knows”

Tufano-Giammarese “I’m a Loser”

Kevin John Agosti “Lighthouse Madness”

Jerry Jeff Walker “LA Freeway”

Al Green “Together again”

Gene Clark “1975”

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