Tannoy Wildcat Live-Sound Speaker Line c.1984

Download the four-page 1984/5 Tannoy Wildcat Live-Sound Speaker Catalog:

DOWNLOAD: TannoyWildcats1984Catalog

Models covered, with detailed specs and photos, include: Tannoy Lynx, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Leopard, and Cougar units.

As i mentioned in a previous post, the word ‘Tannoy’ is used as generic-descriptor for ‘PA speaker’ in the UK.  This would presume that Tannoy speakers were, at some point many years ago, widely used in the UK for public-address applications.  Nowadays Tannoy speakers are generally only sold and used for high-end home use and recording/mixing/production suites.  I’ve never encountered any of the ‘wildcat’ line.  Anyone?

From this very helpful website:

“In 1984 the Research and Development team at Tannoy wanted to prove that the Dual was an excellent solution to very high quality live music performance venues. Clearly, with the sizes of magnet and levels of efficiency available it could not compete with the outdoor rock concert systems from Altec, Meyer and JBL but there was a niche in the cabaret and small club market where the sound quality needed to be considerably higher than that to which people were accustomed. Specially adapted Duals were designed that had more power handling and greater sensitivity than had ever been produced before by Tannoy. These were fitted to a range of very robustly made cabinets with reinforced handles and corners suitable for mobile cabaret or fixed contractor installation work. The line was christened the ‘Wildcats’ and was the start of a very successful venture into high quality voice and music provision for sophisticated venues such as clubs, theatres and churches.”

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  1. Yeah, I’ve got 4 of the install version of the Pumas (circa 1987). No corners and no handles, w/flypoints. Tannoy still makes PA speakers. Search Tannoy VQ or VO. I used them a few times for PA mains until I searched how much it costs to replace tweets. Now I use them for a stereo in the living room and the other pair for my recording studio monitors. No subwoofers required! They normally go for from 800 to usually 2500 each. Like all Tannoys, the sound truly is breathtaking. Owning a pair should be on your bucket list. Put on some raves and they’ll shake your house. Minnie Ripperton’s Loving you is like listening to her in her trailor in Gainesville (I have been there many times way back when). Hope you get a chance to spend some quality time with these babies sometime.

  2. Hi ;

    I’m looking for bought two Tannoy Wildcat Cougar Bass unit or woofer only.

    Contact me if you have these driver to sold…

    Many thank’s

  3. I have a pair of tannoy leopard for sale.
    They are in reasonable condition, usual marks on cabinets from gign.
    Open to offers.

  4. I have a pair of Pumas in the UK in good working order. The ones with handles, cormers and tripod top hats. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing – j o n e s c AT m a i l . c o m.

  5. Hi all, I have a pair of 12″ Drivers
    Fits Super Monitor Golds and others
    These have the Hard Edge but the foam
    Sound superb and Work Great
    Offers invited

  6. I still have 2 Tannoy leopards for sale. They are in reasonable condition with scuffs, the plastic corners are a bit worn. one of the drivers has been replaced but still have the old one.
    Used them a few times to give us a warm rich bass at a few gigs but are just to big to carry about
    Open to Offers as I need to get them out my garage.
    Email me if your interested

  7. I installed (12) P-100’s at The Children’s Theatre Company, Minneapolis, MN USA in 1989. We used them for everything from music/sound effects playback to live reinforcement. They replaced Altec Big Red’s. They were a big improvement over the Altec’s especially in the high freq. pattern and power handling. They are still in use today!

  8. The Tannoy DC was the finest coaxial speaker ever built, at least at its apex. A great meny variations exist. Unfortunately Tannoy no longer sells its classic speakers as raw drivers, and many of the modern variants are typical modern low efficiency dead raincoats.

    The Altec Big Reds are tremendous speakers too. The 604 was used in these with the Mastering Labs crossover. I have 604s with custom crossovers (a variation on so called “infinite slope” designs) and cabs at home. One hundred per cent satisfied with them.


  9. Got a pair of Tannoy Pumas 15 inch sound great but need cabinets painting and grilles sorting, Anyone know how much they worth and whether they get prices in Canada or USA? Thanks, Pete

  10. I have a pair of Jaguars for sale in great condition. They where hung from the ceiling, never been on road. I use them in my HT right now replacing my 5k towers. What a sound.

  11. I have 2 tannoy jaguar gold 15 1984 im asking 2000 for both in riverview fl 33578 813-741-0111

    1. I’ve got a set of Jaguars and leopards for sale they all work .the Jaguars
      Have repairs where the cone has separated from the edge of the basket
      But as I said they work fine the casings are in good condition and all have
      Original grilles , drivers , sockets. £1000 the set of four
      I’m based in kent
      Contact – garethlightandsound@live.co.uk.

  12. Hi

    I have 6 pumas, 2 Lynxs, 2 Lions, 2 CPA 12s. All done lots of gigs, mostly working fine. I’m in SW France. Not too expensive as a bit scruffy, anyone interested? I just use T12s now, also several amps, mostly C-audio.
    Court Acoustics 31 band EQs and other vintage outboard.


  13. I have 4 Tannoy Puma speakers for sale. I have converted the inputs to Speakon but have the XLR connectors as well. These have been used by me doing sound jobs and sound very good, just too heavy for me now. Please make me an offer that would include cost of shipping these to you.

    1. Hi there, I am interested in your Tannoy Puma and would be available to come and pick them up in the UK (if that’s where you are based).

      Please let me know if these are still available ?

      Thank you in advance,
      Best regards.

  14. I have 6 cabinets for sale – Puma, Jaguar & Leopard. All are in good condition. Some are loaded with all original parts in full working order, some have had drivers removed and are unloaded without crossovers. Not really sure what to ask for them but am open to offers. Based in Saaaaf London, UK.

    1. Hello Sir,

      Puma and Jaguar are of my interest. I am planning to come to the UK soon.

      Please let me know if these are still available ?

      Thank you in advance,
      Best regards.

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