The Fostex A-8 multitrack tape machine

Download the original 2-page product sheet for the Fostex A-8LR tape machine.


Billed as being “about the size of twenty albums stacked together,” the A-8LR differed from the more common A-8 by virtue of 8-track simultaneous recording (as opposed to 4-track simultaneous on the A-8).  We had one of these machines in the house briefly when we were kids and it did not sound very good.  The A-8 records on 1/4″ reel tape.  It is certainly very small for an 8-track machine.

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    1. I do know someone selling an A-8. It’s it almost in
      perfect condition. Original owner w/ original
      boxes, manuals. I mean this guy said he only used
      it twice. There wasn’t a scratch on it. It was very
      clean. He also has the 8ch. mixer w/ VU meter
      bridge which was also in perfect condition. Email
      me if interested. D.C. AREA/

  1. Keep in mind that the track width on the A8 would have been about the same as a standard consumer cassette; machine care and tape choice could be hugely influential in the quality of recording/playback. I used one of these for years, kept it de-mag’ed and clean, and restricted my tape choice pretty much to Maxell UD35-90B. And was always happy to go into my home studio. For the money spent the A-series open reel studio was solid.

    1. Is the A-8 you are selling an A-8 LR? I’m looking for the one with the full 8 track option. thank you.

  2. I have an A8, A2, matching mixer and transport pad (navigator) for sale. This was THE set to have in the 80s! Email me.

    1. Hello,

      Do you still have this A-series multitrack. I have tapes from way back then that i would like to play so if you want to sell, I would buy…

      thank you

  3. Hi,
    I have an A8. And the counter stopped working. Does anyone know the fix?
    I love this old trooper but it’s a pain to navigate through the tape without the numbers.

  4. hey it may be a bit superfluous but the majority of these i can find for sale are the grey version, does anyone know what year the black ones were, or have one you want to sell? it’s so much smoother

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