Effectron Digital Delays Original Catalog

Download the four-page catalog for the Delta Lab Effectron line of the early 1980s:


If you have been following this site for a while, you will know that I dig the Effectron.  There are a  world of creative possibilities in these well-made, cheap-to-buy boxes.  Examples turn up regularly for $50 – $100.   10 minutes with one of these things will teach you more about the range of effects available using a modulated delay than you will get from a year using the plug ins.  True, there is nothing that these boxes can do that Digidesign MediumDelay can’t; but the immediate tactile response of the knobs can’t be beat.  Highly recommended.

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  1. I was the founder, president of DeltaLab Research, Inc. Also, I was the chief designer of the complete Effectron line of delay units including the DL1, Dl2 (accusticomputer), Dl3, Dl4 and the Dl5 (harmonicomputer). Before I started DeltaLab, I was the VP and General Manager of Audio Pulse. I designed the audio pulse model one for the consumer audio market. At DeltaLab I also designed, under contract, the ADS model 10 for Analog & Digital System. ADS eventually bought DeltaLab and I became VP of engineering. I have 15 US Patents in my name. I left the audio industry in the late eighties and became an analog- to- digital conversion consultant.
    As I browse the Internet, I am elated that my designs are still remembered and used.
    Since the DeltaLab trademark was not being used, Guitar Center started using the DeltaLab trademark. But in my opinion, their products pale when compared to the originals.

    Just thought you might like to know…
    Richard E. DeFreitas

    1. Hi Richard,

      Aaron Day calling. I just want to say I have been a huge fan of the Effectron(s) since 1993 when I heard an engineer named Tim Green using one. Thank you for your work! FYI there are many, many, mobile phones out there that feature ringtones and AUI elements processed by the Effectron II. : )

    2. I have a Delta Labs DL1 I purchased back in the 70’s and a few of the 8 pin bucket brigade chips failed on one channel. Is there any substitutes for those chips you used in that unit back then? I have the schematic and have opened the unit and switched some chips from the other channel so I know that it is the chip. Would sure love to get both channels of the unit working again. Thanks!

    3. Hello Richard
      I couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled onto this blog in my search for info on the Audio Pulse 2. The only reason I started to pursue the AP2 is because my a/d/s 10 is inoperative and I miss it dearly. So after reading your entry on this blog, I was very excited to hear you were involved with the design on the AP2. However…the AP2 just doesn’t have the power and versatility that the a/d/s 10 has. So… I was wondering if you know where I can send my inoperative a/d/s 10 to have it repaired or can a good repair tech worth his salt, tackle this injured audio treasure? Many high praises to a piece of audio equipment ahead of its time and that stood the test of time! Not an everyday occurrence…Thanks Richard!

    4. Hello Richard, I have become desperate as I have 4 CompuEffectron CE1700 units which have become such a huge part of my sound. Two of the units are no longer working although I use two at a time I like to have a spare and as you know they have become hard to find. My Question for you: Do you know of any effects unit with similar parameter control as the CE1700? This is what I use on the CE… feedback 100, Delay 200, Sweep 4000, Ratio 99.99, Mix 75. Would appreciate any help in finding something that could replicate these parameters when my last Compueffectron eventually dies. Thanks.

  2. I’m a connoisseur of the old DL-line but in need of schematics (especially the dl-2 and dl-4). If anybody can help…

    1. Hi,

      Just wondering, it has been awhile on this post, but did you get any schematics? I do have them for the DL-1 but didn’t see your post till now – sorry.

  3. Did Delta Lab build a guitar amp with push buttons and a sweep tube final? Somebody named Delta something did.

  4. I am currently working on my old Effectron. It has not worked in years and just makes weird noises when I plug it in. The question I have is whether there is a difference in the Effectron versus the Effectron II. My unit merely says Effectron on it It does not have a 1 or 2 after the word Effectron.Though, it is the ADM 1024 model. I have some schematics but am not sure if they are the correct ones that I bought from Schematic connection. Values of resistors shown in the schematic seem to not match what is in the unit. I suspect there were differences in this unit versus the 2 model. What would be extremely helpful are both the schematics and the parts list. I have no way presently to determine what zener diodes were used in this unit other then testing them to see if they are good or bad, thus the parts list.
    If you would share this info if you have it, it would really help. I suspect the problem may also be one of the chips in the unit. Given my limited knowledge, I intend to replace chips until I hit on the right one. Not exactly the right way to fix it but if it works I will be a happy camper. Thanks

    1. Hi John,

      I worked at Deltalab Research back in the early 80’s in manufacturing and service. If my memory serves me correctly… check the pots’ connections to the PCB. One or more pots may have a hairline fracture, thus breaking the connection. This was a typical problem we found in repairing the units. To make the unit(s) more “road worthy” – try replacing the pots and soldering wires from the pots down to the PCB. A second item to check would be any of the input amplifiers (op-amps). May have blown due to static discharge.

      Also, the Effectron was the initial model with 1024MB of memory. When we later expanded the line – the Effectron was rebranded the Effectron II. The Effectron II included upgrades to improve the sound, thus the mismatch in parts.

      Good luck!

  5. The EFFECTRONS Rule ! I have all 3 and the amount of creative sound you can derive from them is intense . HAIL THE EFFECTRON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And cheers to you Richard E. DeFreitas !!!!!!


  6. I am looking for an owners manual for a 1024 Effectron Model it must be one of the first because it just says “Effectron Model 1024” from the pics I see it looks like the Effectron II. I really like it use it with my 30th Anniversary Marshall . Any suggestions?

  7. Nice to hear from Mr. DeFreitas. What a great ‘blast from the past’. Our studio owns several of the Deltalab units…the ADMs, the original ‘looper’ 4-second Echotron, and the final Compuffectron. They are working just fine all these years of service. From what I heard, the Deltalab digital units were not based on the popular ‘pcm’ digital coding system, but their own propriety ‘delta-modulation’ technology. All current digital products using ‘1-bit’ sampling system owe a lot to Deltalab, a company way ahead of its time. All raise your glasses to Richard….Cheers.

    1. Hi TonMeister. Do you happen to have a schematic for the Deltalabs Effectron 1020. I need to have my unit repaired.

  8. Hi TommyD. Just found your post. Craig Anderton, is probably the best guy to talk to about DL schems. You can find him on the MusicPayer forum. Cheers. TK

  9. hi, does anyone know if you can change the voltage on the 1020? you can change it on the 1024 and the schematics for the 1024 cover this. However, the 1020 is note quite the same near the transformer.

  10. Awesome! I have an Effectron II and I use it to gig and record daily…..If it works don’t fix it!

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