Martin Electric Guitars of the late 1970s

Download the four-page c. 1979 Martin Electric Guitars catalog:

DOWNLOAD: MartinElectricGuitars1979

Models covered, with text, specs, and photos, include: Martin E-18 electric guitar, EM-18 electric w/upgraded electronics, and EB-18 electric bass.

The 1979 Martin EM-18

With their entry in the ‘Hippie Sandwich’ runoff of the late 1970s (see: here, here, and here, to name a few), Martin got into the solidbody electric guitar fray for a few years.  I have never played one of these; anyone?

One example currently on GBase for $1.5k.

12 thoughts on “Martin Electric Guitars of the late 1970s”

  1. I bought one of these as a kit from The 1833 Shop in the early eighties. Dick Boak signed the invoice: I still have the guitar and the invoice. I assembled it, but bodged the neck joint, and a friend of mine separated the joint with a specially made angled air hammer chisel, routed it out, and plugged it. Very much like the old story of refurbishment of old….oh, never mind.

    The guitar plays great now.

  2. I’ve owned an EM 18 for the past 22 years. It’s been my main guitar ever since. I had to replace the wraparound bridge a few years ago but recently scored an original, unused Leo Quan bridge. Also, I had to replace the original phase reversal switch with a similar unit. I called Martin when the switch failed but they had no parts available for this model. It is one of the finest guitars I’ve had the pleasure to play.

  3. I bought a E-18 second-hand in Lancaster, England back in 1984 for £200. It’s intonation, sustain and variation of tone is superb, with a neck narrower than most others. It is very heavy though and I use it purely for recording – the above sites has some examples of it played through Line 6 gear and also a Vox amp. Serial number 1214…but I’m not parting with it!

  4. I am looking for a wiring schematic for an EM-18, does anyone happen to have one? I had a cat replace the wiring, but he did a poor job… any help would be most appreciated!

    Oh yeah.. I mine is #1410 by my the way…

    1. Macstilton, I have an EM 18 schematic. On Facebook, there is a Martin EM 18 owner’s club kind of thing…group, whatever. I’ll be posting the schematic there in a day or 2.


      1. Thanks for this! I just saw that you replied.. sorry for my delay. I am a member of that said page.. Ill have to take a look.. Thanks

    2. I do set ups and repairs for a shop in Murfreesboro TN. somebody brought one in to give it a going over today. The wiring looks to be original. If you like I can take a pic of the control cavity, which looks like it was cut out with three different sized hole saws. I don’t know if the caps have any info. but I will check tomorrow.

  5. I have an E-18 serial # 0000046. Bought it in 1982 for $70 with the amp from Star music in morristown, NJ.

  6. I have one that I bought new when they first came out. #69 produced. It’s very heavy, like an old Les Paul. Great sound from the Mighty Might pickups. Versatile. I stopped by Martin in Nazareth about 10 years ago to show them. They loved seeing it.

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