The Norelco/Phillips EL 6911 Studio Echo Machine c.1961

Good lord take a look at this thing.  The Phillips EL 6911 echo machine.  Distributed in the US by Norelco, who also distro’d AKG mics in the 1960s.  You can find much more information on this monster at this website.  These still turn up on eBay from time to time. 


4 thoughts on “The Norelco/Phillips EL 6911 Studio Echo Machine c.1961”

  1. EL in the Philips typenumbers is probably a short for ELA, the Philips division, that created, produced and sold electroacoustic devices.
    The division was named Philips Electro Akoestiek.
    There was still a successor in the 1978 catalogue for the echo machine, model LBC7100/00, is called a delay machine and intended for railway stations a.s.o., to improve speech intelligibility.
    The mechanics look the same. The amp is probably transistorized in that era.

    Henk Roovers

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