A Seven-Foot-Long Microphone

Above: the Electrovoice 643 super-directional microphone of 1961.  The 643 was apparently developed by the same engineer who created the wonderful Electrovoice RE-20.  Unlike the 643, the RE-20 is still in production, and still being used everyday around the world.  As far as the 643…well… it was supposedly used in the 1960s for Presidential news conferences, but I can’t imagine seeing something like this aimed at a head-of-state today.

4 thoughts on “A Seven-Foot-Long Microphone”

  1. They were used at Presidential press conferences, but not to mic the President. They were used to mic questions from the reporters. They were positioned on risers stage left and stage right of the dais.

  2. I have an EV 643 that I bought from Lou Burrowes in 1970. It was used once and still is in it’s original case. Anyone interested?

    1. Saw your comments about the Electro Voice 643 mic. What do you value this at? I’ve never seen one for sale before. I’m interested.

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