Astatic Microphones: Full Catalog Scan: Circa 1975

Download the complete circa 1975 (actual date unknown) Astatic Microphones Full-Line Catalog (22pp)

DOWNLOAD: Astatic_Catalog_197*

Models covered include: Astatic 810, 811, 820, 840, 850, 857, 860, 77, 335, 333, 332, 337, 551, 10M5A, 331, 400, 511, 513H, 525DL6, 531, and 530 microphones, plus various gold-finished and pedestal-mount sub-variants; the iconic Astatic D104 amplified microphone, DN-50, T-3, 150, 151, and JT-30 ‘harp’ microphone; plus stands, cartridges, and numerous other accessories.

Above: the Astatic model 77, the ‘other Shure 55S.’

Above: the Astatic 810 series of ‘ultra-cardiod’ mics

Above: The Astatic D104, their most iconic and most widely-available model.

Above: artists’ rendering of Astatic corporate headquarters circa 1975

Astatic Corp was based on Conneaut Ohio for many years. Although they primarily produced microphones for voice-frequency communications work, they also made higher-fidelity models which are much less common.  At some point Astatic re-branded/was bought out/I have no idea/someone wanna fill me in? as the CAD microphone brand, known for their inexpensive condensor mics.  Anyone out there using any of the higher-fidelity vintage Astatic models for music production work?  Drop us a line and let us know…

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7 thoughts on “Astatic Microphones: Full Catalog Scan: Circa 1975”

  1. I have a D104C. What does the C signify? And any idea on its age! It does not have the PTT bar and has a blue/gray unpolished base. Any help will be most appreciated. Thanks, Noel

    1. C = Ceramic as opposed to D104 with no letter, which signifies Crystal. The output of the ceramic is just a little less (3 db) than the crystal; see page 8 of the complete catalog. De W1HQV

  2. I have two Astatic pro series bl64 microphone. I would like to know if they are a good drum or vocal mic. Also are they a super cardiodid mic and what is there frequency range.

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