15 thoughts on “The Ecoplate Reverb c. 1980”

  1. Didn’t one of Ed Dell’s magazines run a DIY plate reverb project very similar to this one (at least in appearance?)

  2. I used to build the Ecoplates, models 1, 2, and 3, for Studio Technologies in Lincolnwood, Illinois, back in the 80’s. They were designed by Jim Cuningham, and were a knockoff of EMT’s big plate. Ours was much smoother and brighter and less expensive than EMT’s that they stopped making their big plate.
    Ken Kruse

        1. Hey Jim:

          Please call me back as I spoke to a studio owner last weekend in Wisconsin that wants to buy your Echoplate II.


  3. Not sure if this tread is still active but here goes – I have an Ecoplate III that is in very good shape. Measures about 56x38x9 inches, so I am guessing it’s one of the smaller offerings from Studio Technologies. Definitely willing to sell but not willing to ship. I’m in East Tennessee if anyone is interested. Thanks!

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