17 thoughts on “The Ecoplate Reverb c. 1980”

  1. Didn’t one of Ed Dell’s magazines run a DIY plate reverb project very similar to this one (at least in appearance?)

  2. I used to build the Ecoplates, models 1, 2, and 3, for Studio Technologies in Lincolnwood, Illinois, back in the 80’s. They were designed by Jim Cuningham, and were a knockoff of EMT’s big plate. Ours was much smoother and brighter and less expensive than EMT’s that they stopped making their big plate.
    Ken Kruse

        1. Hey Jim:

          Please call me back as I spoke to a studio owner last weekend in Wisconsin that wants to buy your Echoplate II.


  3. Not sure if this tread is still active but here goes – I have an Ecoplate III that is in very good shape. Measures about 56x38x9 inches, so I am guessing it’s one of the smaller offerings from Studio Technologies. Definitely willing to sell but not willing to ship. I’m in East Tennessee if anyone is interested. Thanks!

  4. Ecoplates are great reverbs and sound much different then EMT plates (which is a welcome option to have)! There’s a large (4’x8′) version at the studio where I do most of my sessions and I use it all the time.

    Question for the experts: Did all Ecoplates come standard with remote controllers? Or are there hand crank only models as well?


    1. I have an Ecoplate II and a III. neither came with a remote.
      I also have Jim Cunningham’s prototype remote ( somewhat cannibalized for parts) and what I suppose is his original schematic.

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