7 thoughts on “1977: Guild-Distributed HH amps and effects”

  1. I LOVE those amps. I used to have a VS Musician 212 Combo, used it on many gigs, recordings I am actually in the constant search for one of those…………I will find it again

  2. I have a lot of schematics, originally HH, so if anyone has problems with this gear, feel free to email me.

    1. Hello! Im from Poland and I have got a three HH amps – two VS musician for guitar and one VS for bass. I need a schematics for footswitsches for reverb and valve simulation. If got it I will be very gratefully. Greetings from Poland.

    2. Hallo Will,
      I am looking for the schematics for the IC100 amp, do you have it?

      Please send me a copy if you have one.

      Thanks in advence

  3. Hi everybody.
    My name is Erik pianoman.
    I´m from Slowakia and i´m glad to have this ampli ic100.Still working,like a new one.
    The potenciometers just litle scratch,but no problem.I have this ampli from my father,he boot from somebodies,hous hade no idee what is it.
    About the ampli :
    – is great
    – 100W power is inought

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