Rock Scene mag c. 1980 presents: The Connecticut Rock Report

RockSceneMag_Sept1980_coverDo YOU think Ted Nugent is sexxxy?

“ROCK SCENE” was a musician-oriented newsprint rag published out of Bethany CT from 1973 – 1982.  Now, Bethany is a sorta non-place just north of New Haven perhaps most notable for its Book Barn.   So the fact a new-wave/punk-loving magazine came out of here back in the day is pretty amazing.  NEways, I was flipping thru some cartons of old garbage at the Flea Mkt recently and I came across the 09/80 issue. Top story: CONNECTICUT ROCK REPORT.


Being a rocker in CT is kinda like being a (what) in (where).  So, CT rockers of ’80: we salute you.  You are our past, and our future.

Crayons_FlyingtigersAbove: The Crayons.  The Flying Tigers

PArt2Above: Lytes; Eyes; Fast Fingers (Ewwwww (-Ed)); Jett

Part3Above: Napi Brown; Toys; The Orange Group

Part4Above: The Simms Brothers Band; Frankincense & Myrrh; Back To Earth Band




BTW: some absolute nutcase, glob bless him, has scanned EVERY FKKN PAGE of EVERY FKKN ISSUE of ‘Rock Scene’ and you can waste a ton of  yr employer’s money by clicking this link

8 thoughts on “Rock Scene mag c. 1980 presents: The Connecticut Rock Report”

    1. LOL Neil lived in Westport, I did sound for him at that strip plaza bar near(maybe in) Danbury. (trying to remember the name of it) He called it the Neil Smith Band at that time. So yeah, Neil qualifies (if barely) 🙂

    2. Dennis and Neil lived in Connecticut. I believe Neil still does. I saw the Flying Tigers a bunch of times, they were always a blast.

  1. I always thought Ted and Chrissie were enemies in public but probably would have got it on if no one was watching.

  2. OMG what a scene back then! The Oxford Ale house in New Haven I used to work there for Bobby Losabella. The flying tigers-Neil smith would do a 15 minute drum solo why the band would get a drink incredible drumming up close and personable. How about the good rats.

  3. I used to frequent a lot of bar/nightclubs in the late70’s. The B. Willie Smith Band, Simms Bros., Morgan , Eight To The Bar were bands that provided great music on many of those nights. One time, I actually met the actress, Linda Blair, when Fast Fingers were playing at HR Wilfreds in Hamden. Good times back then.

    1. Hi. We are trying to remember band that played at friends wedding around 1980. Eight to the Bar recommended them. Had a horn section. Any thoughts. Thanks.

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