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Tone Machines: a dude who is way, way deep into really obscure FX pedals.  I had never heard of half the shit on his site.  check it out!

Mild Slopes: fairly extensive site devoted to pre-MIDI Roland kit.  Also has a rather unique voice + emphasis on Quakerism?  Good stuff anyhow. Def not yr run of the mill sound-bro blog.

Boozhound Labs: excellent DIY audio blog

Craigslist Vintage Guitar Hunter: that pretty much sums it up.  A rolling catalog of whatever dude thinks is a good deal for an old gtr on all the nation’s CLs.  Worth checking out to remind yourself that yes there are still good deals out there on old instruments.  And this stuff ain’t even buried in a barn somewhere – it’s all advertised on CL.

The Megaphone: vintage microphones & extinct audio equipment.  UK-based site; many unusual pieces on display.   This fellow also offers microphone repair services and winds his own transformers; my hat is off to that… Great site with a single-focus on pre-WWII guitar amps.  Lots of images and many schematics unavailable anywhere else.

Stan Coutant’s Microphone information website: an invaluable resource for info on older microphones and broadcast equipment.

Vintage Synth Ads: no further explanation necessary.  Very thorough.

Tube Date Website: also invaluable.  My god this must have taken a lot of time.

Dangerous Minds: the most consistently fascinating web-aggregator. Totally addictive and inspiring.

Sound Studies Blog: investigations into the political and social potentials of sound and audio.  Combines historical analyses with coverage of modern artists and theorists who create work that addresses these issues.

Home of the Hits: a very deep and thorough blog that investigates 20th century American music from the perspective of smaller record labels and recording studios.

8 thoughts on “Recommended Links”

  1. Hi,
    My name is Shai Solan.
    I’m a sound engineer from the Netherlands.

    Do you still have the Scully 280 tape machine \ modified pre amps for sale ?
    I am very interested in those.

    Thank you very much,
    Best regards,
    Shai Solan.


  3. There was an advertiser in Antique Radio Classified or some such type of magazine (it’s ARC for sure) that had a pile of NOS Recordio and Presto stuff a few years ago. There were a few “juke box in reverse’ machines that used these and the jukebox guys may have some connnections.

    The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago had one of these circa 1964 or 1965.

  4. Where can I get a replacement Stylus for an old record player from the 1970s?
    It is a No. N774-sd
    Tip: 0.7 Mil Diamond – 3 Mil Sapphire

  5. I have a set of 15 inch horn type speakers that I obtained years ago. They are marked as University Loudspeakers, and letters SAHF. The connections are marked L1 & L2. Can anyone tell me anything about them , such as their impedance et al.?

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