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Terminal Radio 1949 Recording and High-Fidelity Catalog

Download the entire 16pp TERMINAL RADIO Recording and Hi-Fidelity Equipment catalog:

DOWNLOAD: Terminal_Radio_1949_Catalog

Products covered, with text, some specs, and photos, include: Brush Magnetic tape recorders BK414, 710B, 810, and 808 Twin-trak; hi-fi tube amps from Brooks (10C3, 12A3), Meissner 9-1093 tuner amp and  9-1091C, RJ-12A tuners; tuners from Browning, Many Stephens Tru-sonic speaker systems and drivers including P-63HF, P-52A, P-52LX, P-52HF; Hi fi amps including Scott 210-A, Fisher SA-1, Altec Lansing 323B, Newcomb HLP-14A, Bogen PX-15, Thordarson 31W10AX; Bell 2122, Masco MA-12EZand Rauland 1825; FM tuners from Espey, Meissner, Craftsmen, Howard; Customode hi-fi furniture and cabinetry; Altec drivers including the 603B, 600B, 400B; Jensen drivers incl. JRP40, HNP-51, JAP-60; Cinaudagraph speakers CIN-12A, 15B, 15C; and so, so, so much more.

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Argentine Hi-Fi DIY Circa 1958

Argentine_Williamnson_1958Many years ago I published this article abt digging for ancient audio ephemera in Buenos Aires.   Reader N. Dinapoli Farina uncovered some related materials and has shared them with us here. I believe that the magazine may have been called “Radio Chassis Television” and the scans below are all from the late 1950s.  Click on the images for hi-res.   Enjoy!

Williamson_Schem_1958Williamson_PS_1958Above: Williamson style amp and power supply.

AltaFidelidad_15wattAmp_1957Fifteen-watt “Alta Fidelidad” amplifier.

Preamp_1958Full-featured mono preamp

MicMixerSuper basic hi-z mic mixer


The Sansui AX-7 ‘Audio Mixer’ c. 1978

Sansui_AX7Sansui’s late-70’s line of hi-fi equipment is fairly collectible; I’ve had several of them over the years, and they generally sell for good money. My last pair, a tuner and integrated amp, actually went to a prop stylist for a film…  I wish I could remember the name of the picture.  Anyhow, aside from the usual amps, preamps, tuners, and integrated amps, Sansui also made this very unusual device during the ‘first-wave’ of home-music-production: The AX-7 ‘Audio Mixer.’  A four-input HI-Z mixer, the AX-7 was designed to allow the user more easily use multiple stereo tape decks to ping-pong tracks into a layered production.  It also offered global spring reverb!

Sansui_AX7_textThere is a good-looking example on eBay right now for $99 BIN, which is a great value just for the spring reverb!

Technics SB-10 “Honeycomb Disc” speaker system c. 1980

Technics_SB10Download the original 4pp catalog for the Technics SB-10 “R&B Series” Honeycomb Disc Speaker System:

DOWNLOAD: Technics_SB-10_spkrs

We’ve featured a ton of late-70’s Technics materials here at PS dot com, but I think this is the first of their period speakers we’ve described…  and wow these things are unusual.  The woofer and midrange use rigid flat diaphragms, and the tweeter is a “Leaf” design; check the download for deets on that.  Anyone ever listen to these?  Thoughts?

Honeycomb_woofer Technics_SB10_inside Technics_SB10_cUp

Speaker Week(s) Begins with Jordan Watts

Jordan_Watts_GT_Jodrell_JupiterHow y’all doing.  Sitting here on the (what feels like) first day of fall, listening to a pile of weirdo 70’s UK punk LPs: The 999, Steve Harley, The Stranglers, and The Doctors Of Madness.  What better match than some musty old paper describing some oddball British speakers of the era: Jordan Watts.  This is the first of what will be many uploads of late-70s speaker ephemera, both HiFi and pro-audio.  I have 100s of pieces of this stuff to go thru, and finally a free minute to do it.  So get ready… and remember to check if Orange County Speakers has re-edge kits available for any foam-edged 35 year-old-speaker yr thinking of buying.   Anyhow, download a complete late-1970s JORDAN WATTS hi-fi speaker catalog:

DOWNLOAD: Jordan_Watts_spkrs

On offer: the Jordan Watts models Juno, Juliet, Jumbo, GT, Jodrell, Jupiter, TLS, Jericho, Centurion, Qubique, and Flagon.Jordan_Watts_juno_juliet_Jumbo_JanetThe Jordan-Watts speakers used a very unusual 4″ metal-coned driver unit that came in its own integral mini-enclosure.  Even stranger tho are their Arabesque and Romanesque “Qubiqe” and “Flagon” models:




Technics ‘Professional Series’ of the late 70s: Original Catalogs

Technics_Pro_1980Download 18pp of catalogs for the circa 1978 Technics ‘professional series’ ST-9030 Tuner, SH-9010 equalizer, and SU-9070 Preamp:


There was also an SH-9020 meter unit and an SE-9060 power amp, but I can’t seem to find those documents at present.  Soon enough, i’m sure.  So anyhow, the idea here was apparently to ‘separate the basic (receiver) into five components.’  Their words.  Anyway, the EQ is pretty insane, it’s got way more control than any sane person would ever want.    Here’s the whole kit+kaboodle for ya:

Technics_pro_systemTechnics_SU9070 Technics_ST9030 Technics_SH9010Technics_Pot Technics_EQ_detailTechnics_SU9070_interiorOK honestly, i’d prolly wanna buy anything that was photographed in this manner.  PREVIOUSLY ON PS DOT COM: the original period adverts for some of these same items.  Aye yi yi.  Click here for that…