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Super Rad Headphones Circa 1980

Kenwood_KH71 KKoss_ESP6_ESP9 Sansui_SS35Download the original catalogs for the Kenwood KH-71, KH-51, KH-31; the Sansui SS-35; the Pioneer SEQ-4 quad headphone; the Superex Pro-B VI; and the entire Koss line, including the ESP-9, ESP-6, K 2+2, Pro 4AA, KO-747, KO-727B, K-6LC, K-6, SP-3XC.

DOWNLOAD: Headphones

I have not owned any of these other than the Superex (which were fkkn terrible), but damn these things had style…  which is interesting when one considers that this was all pre-walkman, IE., these were not fashion items; no one other than yr S.O. would have seen you wearing them.  Any opinions, L U K…

Pioneer_SEQ404 Superex_Pro_B_VI Koss_Quadraphones_K2plus2

Visual Culture: the late 1970’s

Today on PS dot com: a quick survey of some wonderful Hi-Fi visuals circa 1977.  Above: Fuji blank cassette media.  My latest embarrassing collecting habit: dead stock unopened blank cassette tapes. Because why not.  Report to follow.

Altec Model 15 and Model 19 loudspeakers

Empire Phono Cartridge

Hitachi metal-cone speaker drivers. Who knew?

Jennings-brand Hi Fi speaker systems

Experimental binaural headphone system by JVC.  500-cycle crossover point; highs originate in front of the face, lows from above the ears.

Above: KOSS headphones, for both pop/rock and classics

NIKKO Hi-Fi components