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Fostex “Pro Sound Reinforcement Components” Guide/Catalog 1981

Fostex_Sound_bros_1981Got a pretty odd one for y’all today… download the 1981 Fostex “Professional Sound Reinforcement Components” catalog/guide:

DOWNLOAD: Fostex_SR_1981

Featuring: Fostex speaker systems GS3001, GS3003, SV22, SV30, BS1502, G700, SP104F, SP102, SP109, SP89, SP109F, SP109, SP104, SP82S, SP84S, and many more enclosures.  I can’t recall ever having seen ANY of these; were they even sold in the US?

Fostex_Studio_Monitors_1981 Fostex_Disco_1981 Fostex_columns_monitors_1981

Technics SB-10 “Honeycomb Disc” speaker system c. 1980

Technics_SB10Download the original 4pp catalog for the Technics SB-10 “R&B Series” Honeycomb Disc Speaker System:

DOWNLOAD: Technics_SB-10_spkrs

We’ve featured a ton of late-70’s Technics materials here at PS dot com, but I think this is the first of their period speakers we’ve described…  and wow these things are unusual.  The woofer and midrange use rigid flat diaphragms, and the tweeter is a “Leaf” design; check the download for deets on that.  Anyone ever listen to these?  Thoughts?

Honeycomb_woofer Technics_SB10_inside Technics_SB10_cUp

Speaker Week(s) Begins with Jordan Watts

Jordan_Watts_GT_Jodrell_JupiterHow y’all doing.  Sitting here on the (what feels like) first day of fall, listening to a pile of weirdo 70’s UK punk LPs: The 999, Steve Harley, The Stranglers, and The Doctors Of Madness.  What better match than some musty old paper describing some oddball British speakers of the era: Jordan Watts.  This is the first of what will be many uploads of late-70s speaker ephemera, both HiFi and pro-audio.  I have 100s of pieces of this stuff to go thru, and finally a free minute to do it.  So get ready… and remember to check if Orange County Speakers has re-edge kits available for any foam-edged 35 year-old-speaker yr thinking of buying.   Anyhow, download a complete late-1970s JORDAN WATTS hi-fi speaker catalog:

DOWNLOAD: Jordan_Watts_spkrs

On offer: the Jordan Watts models Juno, Juliet, Jumbo, GT, Jodrell, Jupiter, TLS, Jericho, Centurion, Qubique, and Flagon.Jordan_Watts_juno_juliet_Jumbo_JanetThe Jordan-Watts speakers used a very unusual 4″ metal-coned driver unit that came in its own integral mini-enclosure.  Even stranger tho are their Arabesque and Romanesque “Qubiqe” and “Flagon” models:




Altec full-line 1976 catalog

Altec_1976_Catalog_Cover70’s months at P S DOT COM continues with a fresh scan of the complete 1976 Altec pro audio catalog, complete with pricelist.  Presented in two parts due to file size.

DOWNLOAD PART 1: Altec_1976_part1

DOWNLOAD PART 2: Altec_1976_part2

Altec_Cinema_1976Above: Altec’s classic Cinema loudspeakers, including (LR) the 1,300lb A2 speaker.

Products covered, with text, specs, and photos, include: Altec 1240B, 1208B, and 1218A ‘Voice of the Theatre’ speaker systems; 1221A stage monitor, 1219B speaker and 1224A Bi Amplifier, Altec A2, A4, A4X, A5X, A7-8, A7-500-8, and A-8 VOTT; Altec 9845A, 9844A, 814A, 849A, 210, 211A, 612C, 614D, 815A, 816A, and 828B speakers; 604-8G, 620-A, 9844, 9845A, 9849-8A, 9849-8D studio speakers, Altec 203B, 311-60, 311-90, 803B, 805B, 1003B, 1005B, 1505B, 32B, 511A, 511E, 31A, 511B, AND 811B horns; Altec 1211A and 1217A column loudspeakers; 417, 418, 421, and 425 musical instrument speaker; plus many many more speakers and speaker components.  We also see the Altec 1220AC mono console, 351C, 1590C, 159B, 1594B, 9440A, 1224A, 1609A amplifiers and 1606A, 1607A, 1608A, and 1611A mixer/amps; Altec 1628A, 1592B, 1599A, and 1589A mixer/preamps; 1603 coupler, 1605A expander, 1612A compressor, 1650 EQ, 9430A digital delay (looks like a lexicon-made unit) and 9880A filter; a load of other bits and bobs, and microphones including the Altec 650, 654, 656, 655, 677, 676, 668, 699, M53, M54, 624, 626, and 687.

Outboard_Altec Altec_VOTT_1976 Altec_Studio_Speakers_1976 altec_Mics

Western Electric in the late 40s: Audio Engineering Mag pt. 5

The Western Electric 755A speaker

In a previous post, we looked at some early Western Electric cinema-sound equipment and the cult that surrounds this early kit.  Here’s a series of print ads from 1948 that describe some of the last-ever pro audio offerings from Western Electric.  WE was soon to be broken up by the government, and many of these products would then re-surface as Altec-branded components.

The Western Electric 756A speaker

The Western Electric 25B mixing console

The Western Electric 141, 142, and 143 audio amplifiers

The Western Electric speaker line up, featuring the 757A


Bozak Compact Speakers of the 1970s

Download the four-page circa 1975 ‘Bozak Compact Speakers’ Catalog:

DOWNLOAD: BozakCompactSpks

Catalog contains photos and specs for the Bozak Rhapsody, Tempo II (Tempo 2), and Sonora speaker units.

Bozak is another important chapter in Connecticut audio history.  The famous manufacturer of legendarily large home hi-fi speakers was based in Connecticut for the entirety of their 30-year heyday.  Pennsylvania native Rudy Bozak set up shop in Stamford in 1951,  later moving to South Norwalk and Darien, with operations in several other towns.  Wikipedia has an excellent and thorough treatment of Bozak, the man, his myriad technical innovations, and the long history of the company.  No need to re-tread those waters; I will add this though: growing up in Connecticut, enormous 225-lb Bozak Concert Grand loudspeakers were a memorable site in the homes of some of my friends; a room-dominating testament to the intensity of a largely lost culture of audiophiles.